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Wire for winding coils

We are glad to welcome all our lovers to taste at our site! In this article, we will delve into the concept of winding, so-called koiling, we will try to figure out which wire to choose and how they differ among themselves. We hope that this information will be useful for you and fascinating.

This article is ideal for beginners in the art of creating windings. You will learn how to clearly understand how to combine them, study in detail the whole theoretical part and after a little practice become a real koolbilder.

The only important and unpleasant moment, which we will immediately talk about, is PRECAUTIONS. On the one hand, vryatli because of any of these windings fur-fashion can explode, but excessive precaution has not harmed anyone yet. Well, in general, we will begin.

The most common material for making coils , is, as you probably already heard often, Cantal. It is simple enough to use, has a low price, but at the same time it perfectly performs all its functions. It is easy to handle and it perfectly copes with temperatures. Almost everyone who does this, began with this material. It has high strength and durability. Ideal for creating so-called “braids”.

There are two types of cantaloupe: flat and round. Its only weakness is not such a vivid taste, in comparison with other wires.

Next in the list of materials, to create windings is nickel-chrome., After you mastered the cantalou, it is recommended to go to nichrome .. It has a faster heating rate, which makes it possible to get thick and sweet smoke immediately after the start of the start. It is also called the purest of materials in terms of taste. Its main weakness is low plasticity, to work with nichrome it already requires some skill.

Next, we will talk about pure Nickel. The most sensitive of materials in terms of heating. Is not the most heat-resistant, so when boiling with high power, it involves lyo with cantal or with nichrome.

Well, for dessert, titanium is most likely the best material for a given period of time, which perfectly copes with thermal control .. Extremely fast heating speed, and no less rapid cooling, which is a rarity among other wires .. As the most advanced wapper-titanium says the best in terms of taste, and it is actively being passed on, even though its cost.

It was just the basic knowledge needed by budding kolibilderers .. Start with the cantalou, and then immerse yourself in this whole science deeper and deeper. At you necessarily all will turn out!