electronic cigarettes explode
electronic cigarettes

Why do electronic cigarettes explode?

Today every vaper has heard that an electronic cigarette is exploding. Horrific rollers, demonstrating the explosion of the device, flooded the World Wide Web. Modern media are not lagging behind. They constantly publish new shocking factors.

The Moscow schoolboy, trying to get drunk, received terrible injuries. Wade injured his jaw. The boy suffered many operations that would allow him to live normally.

Our compatriot, who was vacationing in Finland, was the victim of an exploded wyped man who had injured his left eye. Local luminaries performed a number of successful operations, which allowed to restore the mobility of the hand, the function of the damaged eye.

These and other stories overflow the Internet. However, no one points out the reasons for the explosion of electronic cigarettes. Explaining to you why an electronic cigarette explodes, how to prevent it, you will understand the problem.

Why do electronic cigarettes explode?

The only element capable of causing an explosion is the battery . There are no other explosive parts in the device. However, each electronic device operating on the battery may explode. This can lead to improper operation of the device, mechanical, other damage, which can cause a short circuit, resulting in an explosion.

The cause of the explosion may be improper selection of the charger. Using a charger from other devices, the vippers do not take into account the fact that the device can transmit the current of a larger volume, thereby recharging the device, creating an explosive environment.

Select the battery for your electronic device you need very carefully. Accumulators of poor quality can cause the device to explode.

electronic cigarettes explode

Which electronic cigarettes explode?

The sources of the explosion are often mechanical modes, in the design of which there is no protection against overheating, short circuit. To protect yourself by using mod, you need to follow simple rules:

• Avoid using a low-resistance evaporator;

• monitor the status of the button, it is important that it does not “stick”;

• Carefully reel spiral, avoid closing the turns.

When shopping in professional stores selling original devices, you are guaranteed to give yourself long hours of safe soaring.

Now you understand, whether your electronic cigarette can explode or not.