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Which cotton wool is better? Difference of cotton wool from leading manufacturers

The electronic cigarette consists of an atomizer (serviced and unattended) and a battery pack. If you chose the first option atomizer, you need to learn how to replace its parts. One of them is a wick, which uses cotton wool. We will not advise the best, it depends on individual preferences, but we will stop on what cotton wool is needed for wapa in principle.

• Hygroscopicity

Give preference to cotton wool, which is able to absorb moisture well. You can test this by experimenting it by dropping it into the water. If you drown quickly – well.

• Homogeneous structure

Good cotton wool does not contain lumps and impurities like dust. Squeeze it, it should crunch.

• Material

Flax quickly absorbs and gives moisture, cotton slowly absorbs and delays it. It is better to use a product from mixed raw materials.

Sterilized and bleached is not suitable for an atomizer. Therefore, immediately discard the medical, if you do not want to spoil the taste. The most popular are Japanese cotton, cellulose and cosmetic (non-sterile) cotton wool.

The latter is attractive in price, it is easy to buy, and it does not spoil the taste. Of the minuses, we note a poor moisture conductivity and a rapid burnout, which makes it necessary to change it frequently enough. In this sense, cellulose is more profitable. Ideally, of course, use Japanese cotton. He is beyond competition.