Where to buy an electronic cigarette ? what to buy
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Where to buy an Vape electronic cigarette ?

Where to buy an electronic cigarette ? what to buy

While preparing the article “what to buy?” It was decided to write “where to buy?”, for people who know what they want, but do not know where to get it.

1. Go to your nearest e-vape store.

I think the worst option, although the first cigarette unknowingly I bought it that way. Usually, Chinese products are sold there with a markup of 50% – 150%. Besides, there are unscrupulous vape shops, which, taking advantage of the ignorance of the buyer, praise outdated or low-quality devices, just to “float” them. But there are exceptions (I know a couple where the “bullshit” is not advised).

2. Order from a Chinese online Vape store.

In the China Many Website offer vape Retail or Vape wholesale E-Commerce Websites. find on the forums. This is the cheapest option, but will have to wait until the Shipping Reaches (10-30 days, as lucky). Personally, I bought only once on heavengifts.com, got everything I ordered, all of excellent quality, it came 3 to 7 days after the order.

Buying a clone is usually a lottery, there are very high quality, but there are no workers at all. When buying, pay attention to reviews and product ratings. Typically, a product with a rating of 4.5 and above (provided that the assessment has put 100 or more people) is pretty good.
It is relatively safe to buy originals from Chinese manufacturers.
Originals of UK / US manufacturers in China, as you understand, they do not, therefore, they are not worth buying them.

Defective goods may be exchanged, but it will take a lot of time (sending there, sending back, time to communicate with those support, etc.)

3. Buy in a UK / US Vape store.

it’s expensive, you’ll have to wait. But the quality is on top.

US Vape Retail Store:

US Vape wholesaler:

4. Buying on the Vape Forum.

There is a huge variety on vape forum , it is necessary to paint point by point.

5. The Vape shops.

The forum has a section with stores in which the truth is not much different from offline, but there they will offer you the best devices available, maybe give a discount as a forum member, help with practical advice.