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What is Vaping?

What is Vaping?

The culture of Vaping began its rapid development in our country relatively recently. Until 2016, it was not as massive as it is now, but with a sharp drop in prices for the vaporizer and other devices, it began to seep into the broad masses. Especially this subculture has spread among young people who are following new trends. But this is not only a fashionable toy. Initially, wap was conceived as a means of fighting tobacco smoking, and it worked: to many, he helped stop smoking cigarettes.

Why is it a culture?

As there is a culture of smoking cigars or hookahs, so this new culture has recently appeared. The vulture culture has become quite large and multifaceted, many are involved in it, it even has its own special dictionary! It is already impossible not to notice.

Itself is a device consisting of several components: a mod, a tank or a drip, a battery. But in order to understand what the vapers say this is not enough. There are a lot of terms, we will write down ten basic and most popular words for vagers:

1. swill or Juice – a liquid veypinga, which is poured into the atomizer or dripki to evaporate.

2. Atomizer or tank – this is the upper part of the vape with a reservoir for liquid.

3. A drip is the top of the vape without a fluid reservoir. It must be poured on the spiral during the steaming process.

4. Steam (from the word pairs) is the process of using a vape.

5. Steam is a smoke from a vape, but vapers call it that because there is no burning process in the wvve, and it’s the evaporation of the liquid due to the heating of the spirals.

6. Mod, boxman, mehmod . These are different devices for applying voltage to the spiral. They have different functionality and different configurations. In fashion, there is a board, the ability to increase or decrease the voltage, the screen. In boxmode there is a board and sometimes the opportunity to increase or decrease the voltage. In Mehmod there is nothing, just elements that carry tension on the spiral. This kind of device is suitable only for professionals, since it does not have any protection against short circuits.

7. Short circuit or short circuit is the short circuit of the supply voltage. This can lead to overheating or even explosion of the device. But in modern devices, except for mehmods, there is protection from such troubles

8. Coils is a spiral, on which voltage is applied.

9. Service is a serviced atomizer. It has a spiral and cotton wool, which must be changed periodically.

10. Nonslug – is an atomizer using a replaceable evaporator, which is enough to unscrew and twist a new one.

Now that you are a bit immersed in the culture of Vaping, you can try to get yourself your first device. With this we will help you!

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