Vaping during pregnancy Effects
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Vaping during pregnancy Effects: yes or no?

This topic is sure to be of interest not only to girls, but also to young people who are worried about the health of their wives and girlfriends. Among the representatives of the beautiful half of mankind there are a lot of vape lovers, as well as smokers who think about replacing conventional cigarettes with electronic devices, including during pregnancy.

Is it possible for pregnant women to soar? This question asked many girls. However, you can not answer it clearly. In the end, everyone makes a decision on their own. But in order to do this or that step, it is necessary to have relevant information.

According to many studies, smoking during pregnancy adversely affects the development of the fetus: the blood of a woman reduces the level of oxygen, the child accelerates the pulse, the probability of miscarriage, premature birth, complications in the baby in the form of reduced weight or birth defects.

If the future mother is difficult to quit smoking, you can use substitution therapy, for example, nicotine patch. However, the effect from it is short and inconsequential, as the smokers themselves confess with experience. Many of them break down and again return to their long-standing habit.

Recently, electronic cigarettes are very popular , which are considered the most optimal replacement for traditional nicotine. In occasion of, whether it is possible to soar pregnant or not and general or common influence of ES on a fetus it is spent some researches. In one of them it is asserted that the nicotine influence on the electronic device is no less strong than on the use of traditional cigarettes. However, in this study, nothing is said about liquids for steaming with zero nicotine content. Surely this question will puzzle the pundits in the near future, since electronic cigarettes are really very active.

According to Gregory Conley, president of the American Steamers Association, an electronic cigarette is less dangerous and harmful than traditional tobacco products. However, he emphasizes, pregnant women should refuse to veiping during the gestation period, as well as from any other products containing nicotine (also referred to as substitute chewing gums, plasters, tablets).

Physicians are generally convinced that in the process of bearing a cigarette it is always better to replace yoga and gymnastics. In any case, every woman makes the choice herself.