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VapeRankz is your vape guide

What is vaping?

Here everything is very simple: vaping is a word called the process of “smoking”, or rather, “hovering” of electronic cigarettes and other similar devices.

vaping is an alternative to traditional smoking, and has already gained popularity among young people, for whom couples are not only a replacement for conventional cigarettes and a way to quit smoking, but also a means of self-expression and individuality, a hobby and an opportunity to join a new modern subculture – the vapor community.

Today, electronic cigarettes can both contain nicotine, and be without it – it all depends on the desire of a vaper. The liquid, which is the source of steam, can contain a different amount of nicotine (from super-light to very strong), and the concentration of substances can always be metered, gradually moving to more and more light varieties. That is why an electronic cigarette is often called the easiest, convenient and fastest way to quit smoking.

A Brief History of Top 5 myths about vaping

The birthplace of electronic cigarettes is Hong Kong. In the early 2000s, the father of the local inventor-pharmacist, Khon Lika, being an avid smoker, died of lung cancer, and the son swore he would come up with a way to smoke that would be absolutely harmless to humans. A few years later, in 2004, he patented the first electronic cigarette, and the novelty went on sale.

It should be noted that the attempt to design such a device was made even earlier, still half a century ago, in 1963, but then the patent could not be protected – the device was a massive device that was attached to the table, which meant that it could not be carried.

Hon Lick went further, and he managed to create a device that looked like an ordinary cigarette, but the steam in it was formed due to the heating of a special liquid, and the absence of nicotine in it allowed the inventor to declare that his “new cigarettes” are absolutely harmless. The novelty instantly became a hit on the market, and in the middle of the 2000s, when the fashion for vapping came to the USA, a special culture of vapers or steamers began to emerge.

What does the device consist of?

An electronic cigarette, or actually a device, consists of three basic elements:

– The battery is the source of energy;

– Evaporator, or atomizer – the main part of the device that converts liquid into vapor

– cartridge with liquid for refilling electronic cigarettes.

The liquid may contain nicotine or not and, accordingly, belong to one of five types of concentration of this substance: without nicotine (0 mg / ml; 0%), super-light (from 1 to 9 mg / ml, 0.1-0.9 %), mild (from 10 to 16 mg / ml, 0.9-1.6%), strong (from 17 to 18 mg / ml, 1.6-1.8%) and very strong (from 19 to 36 mg / ml, 1.8-3.6%). In the composition of liquids, also called dzhusami (juice), glycerin, propylene glycol and distilled water are often present.

Of course, the listed elements are not a detailed composition of the device, some customized models of devices assume the presence of complex mechanisms. But in order to join the Wyep-culture, this will be enough.

In addition, simple models are more affordable and will help you to understand what exactly a steamer wants from an electronic cigarette in terms of both design and functionality, and then choose the ideal option for himself.

Where can I Vape?

In fact, everywhere! According to the current legislation, hovering is not equated to smoking, which means that you can even smoke indoors. Of course, public institutions such as restaurants, clubs, cafes, etc., can set their own rules and impose some restrictions, including on hovering, but in practice it often all depends on how comfortable the steamer is, after all, he does not violate the law.

However, in Moscow there are many places where you can not only soar, but also find like-minded people and share your impressions. Special vape clubs, such as VapeRankz, are an opportunity to relax, join a vape culture, get advice from professionals or service your device, and drink coffee in a pleasant atmosphere, try new e juice and, if you want, buy them at the best price.