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Vape Tool Pro – Vaper software

Vape tool pro. The necessary thing.

A good time of the day, Vapor and all who are connected with the electronic vapor. Today we will consider the application Vape tool pro, which was developed specifically for Vapor, and most likely from Vapor. Unequivocally, one thing can be said that the application will be very useful for a beginner, since the information that is stored there is enough with knowledge to learn the basics of vaping, and all this appears in your smartphone, after pressing one button. Here you can find information about everything from Ideal winding of the spiral and before choosing a fluid for the atomizer .


As already described above, the functionality of this application is very extensive. For example, the program can automatically select the ingredients and components of the fluid , depending on the selected winding. Also, with the data on winding and battery, you can find out the approximate battery life in a mechanical fashion, which is very useful for beginners. The program also knows how to keep the optimal fluid for each of your coils. In addition to practical functionality, the application includes a huge theoretical base that can help you out wherever you have the Internet.

Features and Benefits of Vape Tool

The amount of memory that the application occupies is only 20mb, the application can be downloaded to anyone who has an android above 4.1, the application is absolutely free, but there is a paid analogue in which there is no advertising and more advanced calculator functionality power.

Pro Version Features:
-More coil types in Coil Calculator (15 coil types at the moment)
-Custom coil type – where you can build almost every possible coil type
-Advanced Sweet Spot Finder
-Consuming flavors feature (Tracking flavors amount left)
-Wires lobby
-Wires length needed to build coil
-E-Juice Pie chart
-Min. Resistance fer batteries
-Batteries Chart
-Fast Ohm Law calculator widget
-Custom number of core strands in Fused Clapton builds
-I’m still working on new features.
-No Ads
-Steam Engine feature
-Support project 🙂