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Vape for the beginner – Recommended vape Mods

How can a newbie pick up a vape? The person who wants to become a steamer thinks about it, but where to start and what model should he choose?

vape mods for beginners

Consider models that may be of interest to beginners.

1) Electronic cigarettes of Ego format

Such electronic cigarettes are suitable for those who only want to quit smoking conventional cigarettes. These devices have a built-in battery (usually about 1100mAh), a replaceable clitorizer, inside of which there is a spiral and a silicon thread is used instead of cotton wool, it is worse than absorbency cotton, but to catch fire will be difficult.

2) vape for the beginner for the example Ijust 2, S, mini.

IJust has long won the hearts of novice vapers, since it has a very simple design. The composition of this wipe includes a non-replaceable battery pack and a tank with the ability to change the evaporator. Excellent for those who just want to get pleasure without large costs. Charges from USB. Such charging perfect for those who can be without a wall outlet a day, or even two. Simply charge the paper from the portable battery.

Ijust2 S mini

3) Istick Pico

This type of electronic cigarette has the ability to change batteries and an atomizer with vaporizer in the kit. It is good as a starter kit for wicking. Due to the compact size, it is easy to hold in your hand and does not take up much space. I will remind you that it is available in the Steam Laboratory.

Istick Pico

4) iCare Mini

Very compact and inexpensive device, capable of its size, you are very surprised. Has a battery of 350mAh, a volume of a reservoir for a liquid of 1.3ml. Thanks to the replaceable evaporators and very fast charging, it will be an excellent small device delivering a delicious steam.

Finally, the beginner must decide for himself what he wants, just soar in pleasure or buy a wipe to quit smoking. Let me remind you that there are atomizers with tight tightening, which are suitable for those who are only switching to vape.

iCare Mini

So, we were convinced that picking a wipe for yourself would not be a big deal.