Top 5 vape 18650 Batteries

Top 5 vape 18650 Batteries

Each of us knows that when it comes to vaping, we all understand that security is the most important thing here. It is necessary to have a heap, strength and time, so that the wrap is in good condition. And the main thing is the energy and power of the power supply, so that the steaming process does not stop, regardless of the application of the device.

Applications are:

• box-mod on the newest board;

• or mechanical mode.

The main thing is to choose the right battery so that it fully matches the parameters of your device.

Batteries for a wipe, this is not a simple matter. Some batteries hold energy for a long time, but at high speed (power) they quickly lose their energy, while others, on the contrary, quickly heat up and often need to be recharged. How can I find the best batteries for a wipe?

There are a couple of rules for choosing good batteries:

• high capacity;

• good rated current;

• high power (voltage);

• Do not overheat (low temperature).

Make the right choice! It is better to buy a battery more expensive, and it will serve you, maybe even a couple of years, than buy cheap and it will serve you for a month.

High power:

This is one of the main parameters, since, it depends on how long you can soar without charging the battery. Battery capacity is measured in millionaires. So you can calculate how many amps we can pull out of charging. Here, for example, Samsung 25R has a total nominal power of 2500 mAh, this can be enough for a long time. The 18650 li batteries also have good power and do not overheat, and can hold the charge for a long time without additional recharging.

What is the rated current?

The main thing is to choose a battery that will safely deliver current, but nothing will not interfere with it. It is important that the figures of the rated current is not less, the total amount of battery performance. But be careful, many companies specifically exceed this figure, which may very negatively affect the performance of the entire system.


It is best to choose high voltage batteries, this will greatly affect the operation of your atomizer.


The battery temperature in operation is an important parameter for selection. Positively affects the performance of the battery. So, as bad batteries that overheat can lead to an explosion of the central system. Therefore, it is better to choose batteries with a low temperature percentage.

Ideally, these parameters are suitable for certain batteries. You can buy 18650 battery anywhere in the city or on the Internet.