Top 5 myths about vaping
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Top 5 myths about vaping

People with incomprehensible devices in their hands, surrounded by clubs of a voluminous, pleasantly smelling couple, were met on the streets by many. But not everyone knows what kind of miracle this is. It turns out this is an electronic cigarette, created to help a person quit smoking or reduce the harm from smoking to a minimum.

However, there is an opinion that electronic steam is also harmful, like the smoke of a real cigarette. Having studied five basic errors of people, you will understand where, truth, where fiction:

• vaping is illegal. This is not true. Today, opened a lot of establishments, where you can smoke an electronic gadget, while a traditional cigarette is not.

• Electronic steam is harmful to the lungs. When creating refills for electronic gadgets, use ingredients of natural origin. The British conducted a study proving that the steam is absolutely harmless to the lungs. Therefore, the damage does not occur.

Weeding and traditional smoking are the same process. It’s not like that at all. The main task of the electronic gadget is to help a person quit smoking. Using a vape and a cigarette at the same time, a smoker who used several packs of cigarettes a day starts to smoke much less. All thanks to the electronic cigarette, which perfectly simulates the basic principle of smoking, without causing harm to health.

• Vape and teenagers are an incompatible tandem. More recently, the stunning results of the next study appeared on the territory of the USA – the vape is very harmful for the immature organism of the younger generation, appeals to the addiction to electronic smoking. Substantiated evidence of the harm of the steam-start-up process did not find the defenders of the paper.

• vaping is expensive. In the veiling, like any industry, there are products of different price categories, which allows the user to choose a device that complements an acceptable price. If you take into account the fact that the main components of the refueling are quite cheap, they can be used for self-creation creating original, excellent quality refueling, the steaming process will become much more economical than the daily waste of several packs of cigarettes.

Internet expanses, the media are full of information of the most diverse type. To realize the damage or benefit of waking, you need to carefully understand the question of interest. Having studied the information, you will understand that the electronic cigarette is much safer than the traditional, so it’s time to buy it.