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Battle of the PODS SYSTEM! OVNS vs. Fogg vs. Juul!

Best PODS SYSTEM 2018 –  OVNS vs. Fogg vs. Juul! I don’t know really that’s some of the stuff, I had to tell you and we have a few contenders here today people a couple Of really new neat ones as far as pods go. You know kind of over pods at this point but […]

Fogg Vape review
Pod System


FOGG VAPE – DISPOSABLE POD DEVICE Features: 3 FOGG / Pack 5.0% Nicotine Approximate 20 Cigarette / Pack 300 PUFFS Approx Flavor: Cloud Breakers – Purple Berry A seamless assortment of exotic fruits including blueberry, raspberry, grape & strawberry. This amazing jawbreaker will touch your jaws and heart on every vape you take. It’s a […]