Stick v8 baby kit by Smok
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Today I’m excited to be bringing you guys a review of the stick v8 by smok. however you want to call it first let’s hop down to the unboxings. when you get a close-up look and then we’ll come back up.

I’ll give you the specs and let you know how it bakes. let’s go alright folks here you have it smok stick v8 in this box show you the packaging real quick. it when you open it up here’s your battery here is the big baby beast tank.

That it comes with pre-installed with a point one 5 ohm coil head. it also comes with this point 2, 5 ohm coil head and on the coil. it says 4, 3 point 7 volt direct output under there also comes with a USB cable bait band plenty of extra o rings a filling label. some other information about the mod and a quality control card now if we take a look at the mod as you said stick the 8 at the bottom got your fire button right.

Here got your USB input on the back for charging SMOK there on the bottom there’s a little vent hole there and then if you take the tank off you see a 510 connector put that on. I’ll show you a little bit about the baby B’s tank this tank has a 5 mil a liquid capacity. It comes pre-installed with the point 1, 5 ohm coil head which also says for 3.7 direct output the tank features a swivel fill, so you just turn that and you can fill your juice right in this side hole here and fill it up and it closes like so plenty of airflow.

Nice smooth very easy to adjust really liked it and that’s about it. I’m going to go ahead and take us back up top. we’ll give it a vape almost forgot to show you guys these coils here is the coils, that will be coming with the stick v8.

You’ve got a point one five and a point two five they’re a little bit narrower than the other big baby beast coils like the t6 and the t8 with this point one five here. you can see it looks a little roasted just fair warning make sure you always turn this thing off. When you put it in your pocket and I’ll let you guys guess. how this one got this way thanks to me and this point to five coil head you can see look at all that cotton.

It I’m going to go ahead and read you guys the specs this thing comes with a 3000 milliamp hour battery. the dimensions are twenty four point five millimeter with a is 56 millimeters in height and weighs about two ounces the output of the device as you can tell there’s no screen.

There’s no variable wattage what it does is it just outputs at 4.2 volts on a full charge and then dies down. The TFT 8 big baby beast tank that comes with this kit holds five mils liquids. You’ve got plenty of juice there the tank features a swivel fill which is ultra convenient as you can see right.

There as a little hole to fill it supports a resistance on two point one and up to two point five if the resistance is outside of its range. The battery LED indicator light will flash a lot a lot of vapor production coming off this this is great for those cloud chasers. Who want to take someone to go from the cool and stylish. I really like this rainbow version now the mod also comes in black and silver but the rainbow takes the cake.