Sigelei Top 1 Tank Kit

Sigelei Top 1 Tank Kit Review

The sub ohm tank shaped like a bell you looking for something visually unique within this sigelei top 1 take. Here’s The packaging the sigelei top 1 tank kit comes in and of course inside that packaging. You’re gonna receive your Top one mine comes with the USB cable for charging. that mod included is a P9 sub ohm tank comes with an extra M2 coil. head an extra glass bell shaped tank a yellow vape band for that tank comes with a p9 tank user manual a Top 1 mod.

User manual a security code pamphlet a warranty card and last but not least a quality control cards. All right now Under this p9 sub ohm tank. Primarily made of stainless steel 26 millimeter and width of the base in about 36 Millimeter in length at the base. Base of this device got a slightly protruding 510 pin threads are obviously nice and Smooth also down here at the base. It says sigelei down here at the base,  she’s got triple bottom adjustable airflow Sou grab all this airflow ring it stops in one direction stops in the other. Whatever you’re just on this side it’s Obviously going to be the same all across the board in this airflow ring. It does pop off and you only have 100 ring on Here they don’t include an extra one so don’t lose it.

So what you want to do when you pop this ring off and pop it back on there. you want to line up these notches there’s A notch right here and a notch right. they’re a little bit finicky just on the point out to get to the top fill you unscrew. This Deller driptip proprietary drip tip that comes with this tank plenty of room to fill plenty of room to pour Another overhang. you got a watch make sure this is always on there because it acts as a seal. you got threads inside With Delrin threads out here oh yeah and this pub checker holds 2 mils of juice.

When you’re done filling her up you just pop it back on there screw it into place make sure you back to sucker out. Because if you don’t back it out you could strip the threads in this delrin drip tip go ahead and screw her in and You’re ready to go to disassemble. this bad boy you unscrew the drip tip pull off the tank oh yeah and on top of the Coil head it’s got this little extension. you unscrew that to get to the coil head and here’s a close-up view of that little Extension for you. but yeah just like most other sub home tanks you unscrew the coil head from the base and there She is the m2 big ol macro called parallel macro coil used organic cotton. she reads point to homes recommended Vape 60 to 100 watts.

They say Bates that asbestos between 70 and 90 watch you got your organic Cod feed slots on the outside and like I Showed you before this kit comes with an extra him to cool. head exact same coil head go ahead and promise bad boy Up oh yeah and here’s what it looks like inside the base go ahead and screw on that extension piece press fit the bell Shaped tank on there screw. the top caps last drip tip on there again you want to make sure that or is in place pop the Adjustable airflow ring back on there and adjust that bad boy to your preferred personally. I like to keep her wide Open but yeah this p9 is ready to rock and roll now on to this unique looking top 1 mod.