Review JUSTFOG Mini Fit

Review JUSTFOG Mini Fit – Smallest Pod System Out There?

The justfog mini fit, I’m gonna be Write article about at the justfog mini fit. First device I’ve ever checked out from this company haven’t actually heard of them before but they did send this one over for review. I’ve been using I’m actually pleasantly surprised but like always we’re gonna get into the basics on this little guy right here.

Review JUSTFOG Mini Fit

Then we’re gonna dive in take a close-up look see the pod the system the little battery all that good stuff. I’ll bring it back up top have a few more babes on it. I’ll give you my overall thoughts on it justfog mini fit starting off with these specs on this mini fit.

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Here is an internal battery mod it does not use any external batteries so you don’t to pick one up charge via micro USB locate on the bottom. The internal battery on here is at 370 million of our internal battery the pods and here are disposable. They are Refillable though you refill them till the coil goes bad and then you do dispose of them the pods inside of your have a 1.5 million acity. The coil inside at least to my knowledge, They just have one is a 1.6 ohm coil. That’s what’s inside of here right now.

Then they do have Three Different Color options. They have a Red a Silver and then this Black. One right here on the device as well there is a Three Little LED Light Indicator. So you can see your battery life when it starts depleting once it gets down to one you’re gonna want to fully charge it up again that covers the basics. That’s going to have a quick vape on before.

Review JUSTFOG Mini Fit

We dive into the close-up salty clip blueberry in here right now pretty much fully charged Three Lights are illuminated on here right now. All right here we have the packaging on the Mini fit by justfog and see the color option on the back you see little protections here on the side little information. Then here is the kit contents just basic little packaging here slide this out of the package very basic packaging but inside here you will have the mini fit one of the pods and then a USB Cable for charging along with a user manual inside of here.

Here’s the User Manual gives you just some basic information about feeling it don’t vape it right away after you fill the pod and pretty much all that good stuff the battery indicator. The three lights what percentage is going to be at but yeah it’s a pretty big hefty user manual for such little information on there.

Review JUSTFOG Mini Fit

Here you can see the Mini Fit up closes is the black version you see just fog on the back made in China on the front you can see the airflow for the pod. This is the pod up here completely detaches. We’ll take a look at that closer in a second though see the connections right there. Here is the Battery Tiny Tiny little Battery Mini Fit.

When I held down the fire button because there’s no pod attached so it’s not going to fire but those are the LED indicators. When you do have it on a Tiny little USB port on the back for charging on the pod. Here it has one of the best pod filling systems. I’ve seen instead of a little rubber gasket it’s got this little latch system so you just pull that back and then you have two Phillip ports and you can actually get a bottle down in there pretty easy without using one of those injection bottles so that is a big plus you just want to make sure to have it all the way in there.

Then squeeze it to fill it up and then you just lock this in place push down. It’s not going to leak there’s no gasket issues or anything like that very very good little pod you can see that air flow up close non-adjustable see that e liquid inside of there right now clip.

This pod back in here clip this pod back in here you can see now. It’s fully assembled now when I hit that fire button you can see three LED lights illuminating those are gonna go down as your battery does start to deplete. Here you can see it is a tiny little device do a quick size comparison here. Here is the smok Infinix on the left next to the aspire breeze here it is next to the Rolo badge Pod System.