JUUL, PHIX, Suorin Air, Suorin iShare, SMOK Rolo Badge - Which is right for you
Pod System

JUUL, PHIX, Suorin Air, Suorin iShare, SMOK Rolo Badge – Which is right for you?

This Review Article we’re gonna be talking about pod systems or closed systems.

Whatever you want to call them and hopefully helping you make a decision about which one might be right for you. So let’s get the intro going so if you’re Reading this Article maybe you already have a closed system or maybe you’re looking to pick one up a lot of people are moving from the Bigger VAPE Devices and tanks into the smaller kind of concealable devices.

I personally have been using them for about five six months, Now exclusively so I want to Write this Article just to highlight some of the differences. So that if you decide to pick one up for yourself you can make a decision about which one is best for you. I’m basically gonna break it down there’s two kind of different types of devices there’s ones that are like different shaped kind of like, These right there there we go and there’s also like the kind of like pen style looking ones I used both.

So what I want to do is basically show you some of the differences and you guys can make a decision for yourselves let’s just take it over the table because I want to write the Review quick so let’s go okay yes so the first devices.

we’re gonna start off with are what I would call maybe the awkward shaped devices starting from the side. we have the Suorin Air. These Suorin Air drop this SMOK Rolo badge and the KADO Stealth now all of these devices are going to have the same juice capacity.

They all have a two mil capacity starting on this side the battery capacity 400 milliamp, 310, 250, 450 out of these devices. The one I tend to use the most is the Suorin Air. I’ve been using it for a few months now the design is really simple the mouthpiece, On this one is gonna be on the on the corner here right there.

There is an on/off button, I’ve never used it. I just leave it on all of these devices are gonna use a micro USB to charge. They all have Removable PODS Cartridges whatever you want to call them. I’ve also used the Sword drop for a while I did like the draw on it. I like the way it hits but the awkward design.

I couldn’t really get past I didn’t like it in my pocket that much and the same would go for the SMOK Rolo Badge the cartridge on this. One I find it difficult to remove the cartridge on this one there. We go it does have a lot of cotton in there it also has the double filling ability, So that you could fill this all the way the air will purge while.

You fill it finally the KADO Stealth similar to the similar to the CERN Air in the sense that you would inhale on the corner. Here the pod on this one is right here is your little fill right there on the corner and this one has a nice rubberized. Texture similar to the drop both of these two devices are going to have this rubberized kind of texture on it this one has a little more grippy right there and smooth on the back. This one is smooth all the way around the ROLO Badge similar. but it’s just a really smooth metal same with the Soron air again Suren air is my favorite out of this bunch but there’s some quick highlights on those okay guys.

here are these devices the more traditional obviously we have the JUUL the one that started. All of this the juul is very simple replaceable pods. Now the downside to the juul in my opinion is the pods. you have to buy the juul pods yes there are people on Social media that you know refill their own pods I am absolutely too lazy to go about doing that so I find myself replacing the pods buying them from juul,  There is a replacement called the zip pod.