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On the dangers of smoking conventional cigarettes

All smokers understand that the harm of smoking for health is very large. Despite this, they can not get rid of the addiction, without even thinking about how negatively it affects their body, but sooner or later there are problems.

What’s in a cigarette?

About the harm of smoking on the body tell doctors, insisting on the need to get rid of the habit, giving weighty arguments for this. In the cigarette a huge amount of harmful substances – more than 4 000. The main groups are usually:

  • resin – has carcinogenic substances that increase the risk of oncological diseases;
  • nicotine – is a narcotic, so it causes a strong addiction and even the emergence of dependence;
  • toxic gases – everyone who smokes has oxygen starvation.

To very dangerous substances is resin. It causes cancer, provokes many lung diseases.

Cigarettes contain carbon monoxide. It is a gas that does not have color. In the smoke of cigarettes, its concentration is incredibly great. When the level of the substance is increased, the blood can not carry enough oxygen. This has a negative effect on the tissue. As a result, such important organs as the lungs and heart are encountered with increased stress, and a circulatory disturbance appears.

Harm to smoking is also on the walls of arteries due to carbon monoxide, which is found in the smoke of cigarettes. Because of him, probably serious health problems appear.

From cyanide hydrogen, the cilia of the bronchial tree suffer. If there are violations in the lungs, toxic agents are concentrated. This situation is associated with the risk of problems in the body.

The harmfulness of smoking on the body is very high due to the presence of different radiation components. Their concentration level in the smoke is very high. It is known that they belong to the category of carcinogens. This means that the likelihood of such a dangerous disease as cancer is high.

Than smoking threatens?

About how negative the results are caused by the harm of smoking, you can say a lot. Of the main problems faced by smokers, you can name:

  • stroke;
  • heart attack;
  • problems with blood vessels;
  • deterioration in the work of immunity;
  • disorders in the endocrine system;
  • circulatory disturbance;
  • impotence in men;
  • infertility in women.

Moreover, the harm of smoking for a person is that the entire body begins to age prematurely.

There is an alternative!

Today there was an alternative option for all who can not give up the addiction – it’s an electronic cigarette . The advantage of using this device is that no harmful elements are inhaled, as is the case with a conventional cigarette.

The choice made in favor of electronic cigarettes allows you not to face psychological problems in quitting smoking. In the range of liquids for modern devices, you can choose the appropriate nicotine content or completely abandon it using the non-nicotine formulations.