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NAKED100 Candy Ejuice Review

That is a lot of juice and I’m going to say this most of it was average most of it tastes the same but then you come across something. that’s different and that’s what this juice line is now if you ever heard of the naked line. There’s a naked original line and then there’s a naked candy line now the candy line.

I tried and I was like huh shit this stuff is good that’s. What I’m going to be reviewing for you today the naked original line is really good too but that’s what intrigued me because their stuff it just tasted better than most out there to me. they’re naked original is like a book up for most juice lines and what I like about their stuff.

Their packaging their labeling it’s very clean it’s classy so this naked candy line comes in glass dropper bottle 60ml.  That’s a steal in my opinion but there are 70 VG juices. every single one of them 70 VG , 30 PG juices.

You got 0, 3, 6 and 12 MG nicotine options so here’s the packaging for the yummy gum again very simple and classy. here’s the packaging for the sour sweet again simple or classy. last but not least the berry belt simple and classy as well so for each of these juices. that I review for you guys I’m going to take it in three different levels so for the first one the yummy gum. I’m going to pop it into a sub ohm tank vape it. then I’m going to pop it into an RTA in vape it and I’m going to pop it into an RDA and vape it.

I’m going to go down the line to do for the other two juices sub ohm tank RTA RDA do it in. three different levels. The first use that I’m going to start off with is this yummy gum now this is my least favorite and that’s why I’m starting off with a but it’s still fantastic for the vapor. that bike’s bubble gum , when I pop the lid it smells like original bubblicious smells good original bubblicious.