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My first experience of using an electronic cigarette.

I share my own impressions. I do not advertise anyone. I can not say that I set myself the goal of quitting smoking. I just wanted to try something new. Around so many conversations about an electronic cigarette, and friends began to wake up. In general, I decided to try it. What I really liked – no need to run anywhere. That is, in a room or even on the street you do not interfere with anyone.

I sat for a week on the Internet. I read what’s what. Reviews of users what the doctors say. It is curious that no one, I understand, can give clear facts that using an electronic cigarette is harmful to health. Or more harmful than an ordinary cigarette. In addition, it turns out that using an e-cigarette is cheaper than buying regular whitefish.

I ordered it via the Internet naturally. Before that, I read about how to distinguish the original from a fake. I chose a store that seemed to me reliable. I decided not to save, but it is not enough.

Using an electronic cigarette. Impression

I will not describe the technical parameters. It is better to feel. After the first time is very positive. Checked the day before with friends. They sat in the evening, I had a pack of cigarettes, but I kept floating. If this pace goes, I will completely give up tobacco 🙂

The girl says that it’s more like self-deception. But I’m glad that now I do not smell of cigarettes.

From what I noticed behind me. Constantly look at the battery charge, well, it’s probably like all newbies in the wipe 🙂 And yet the style of smoking is slightly different from ordinary cigarettes. It is necessary to get used.