Vape mods

Modes in electronic cigarettes, what are they for?

To hover pleasure and comfort, it is important to study the modes of electronic cigarettes, understand why they are needed.

The variety of steaming modes

When electronic gadgets only appeared, there were only two options in them: power and voltage adjustment. Modern devices have undergone significant changes. Now electronic cigarettes can offer:

• Varivatt mode – regulates the power of the device. The option allows you to choose the optimal level of the device, at which the taste of the liqueur will be maximized, the volumetric clouds of steam will be produced. Varivatt works in automatic mode. Once, setting the power indicator, the cigarette board will independently select the correct level of voltage corresponding to the type of evaporator;

• bypass mode – an option that allows you to convert an electronic cigarette into a mechanical mode. When the battery is high, the battery mode will produce the highest operating power. The resistance level when activating this mode should be 0.1 ohms. The option is compatible with serviced evaporators;

• Thermal control mode – works in tandem with the voltage going to the spiral. The main task of the option is to adjust the temperature of the steam, which significantly improves its taste characteristics, eliminates the appearance of burnt taste. Comfortable temperature level is chosen independently. After the automatic devaysa compares all the working modes of the cigarette with this indicator.

• START (automatic power selection), TCR (type of resistance monitoring mode) – additional options that allow you to fully personalize the electronic gadget.

After carefully studying the modes of operation of an electronic cigarette, you can choose the ideal gadget for yourself.