How to make a liquid for an electronic cigarette?
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How to make a liquid for an electronic cigarette?

If all liquids from well-known manufacturers have already been tried, and their purchase costs a round sum, then it’s time to think about self-isolation. Why should every self-respecting vapper try at least once to make his own unique fluid?

First, it’s interesting. The process of preparation of its “craft” liquid is a whole direction in the tissue culture. By the way, many manufacturers of popular liquids began precisely with experiments with the samouzesom. Suddenly, and you will succeed.

Secondly, it’s cheap. The average cost of 30 milliliters of liquid for today is about 400 rubles. The cost of a similar volume of liquid made by own hands will be from 30 to 100 rubles. Agree, this is very profitable.

So how to make a liquid for an electronic cigarette?

To do this you will need several components:

1. Propylene glycol (PG)

2. Glycerol (VG)

3. Flavors

4.Distilled water if necessary

5.Nicotine as desired

Propylene glycol serves as a connector. He ties all the components together. The effect of “blow to the throat” is also achieved thanks to it. It turns out that the more in PG self-sampler, the better the taste will be for the liquid.

Glycerin provides density and saturation of steam. It is because of its high concentration in the liquid that the vamps are releasing huge pairs of steam.

Flavors are added to give the liquid a variety of flavors. They can be mixed in different proportions, to achieve various interesting combinations and shades of taste. The space for creativity is almost limitless.

Distilled water is used to make the liquid more flowing. This is necessary in order for the liquid to soak up the evaporator, but this is only necessary for small evaporators or for classical electronic cigarettes with low thrust, the devices of the last generation perfectly float and on liquids without water.

Nicotine is added at will. If you vaporize the liquid with nicotine, then you will need it.

Now let’s move on to the very question of how to make a wipe for a wipe.

First you need to mix the base. There are several classical relations:

1.80 Vg / 20 Pg

2.70 Vg / 30 Pg

3.60 Vg / 40 Pg

4.50 Vg / 50 Pg

5.35 Vg / 55 Pg / 10 H2o.

The base can be mixed independently, buying all the components, or buy ready. To mix yourself, of course, is cheaper, but not much.

After the base is ready you can add flavorings and nicotine. Nicotine at will. Preparation of the aroma base itself is always different. You can try and mix different tastes and change their relationships. The main thing is to follow rule 1 to 3. For example, for 30ml of liquid you need about 10 drops of flavorings. Nicotine is better measured with a measuring syringe. If you want to get a “troika”, then for 100ml of liquid you need to add 3ml of nicotine. After the completion of the process, the liquid must be allowed to infuse for at least a couple of days. And that’s all! You can start hovering!