Liquids and nicotine
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Liquids and nicotine – How to choose a liquid for a fortress

And so, finally, the stage of selecting a practical, high-quality electronic cigarette is over. Now before the viper there is a new task – the choice and acquisition of liquid without nicotine or with it. To choose a slurry suitable for your personal requirements, it is important to understand what it consists of.

The liquid is a tandem of two components:

Propylene glycol – it is it that saturates the steam of an electronic cigarette with nicotine, a specific flavor. The percentage of nicotine in this substance is negligible, in small doses does not pose a great danger to the body. But his overdose can cause serious complications. Everything is good in moderation;

vegetable glycerin – extract from various vegetables, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Usually the percentage of the ratio of these two elements is 40-55%. The liquid of such a composition is safe for the body. Some vapers prefer liquids with nicotine to produce higher-strength vapors.

We choose correctly

The choice of a liquid formulation for refueling is quite simple. You need a fortress of cigarettes that you are used to smoking (the level of nicotine is indicated on the packet) multiplied by 30. However, only by trying a variety of compounds can you choose the optimal variant of the slurry.

To understand how much nicotine in the slurry will help such a gradation:

0 mg / ml – nicotine is absent, suitable for vapors with nicotine dependence;

3 mg / ml – the content of nicotine “light”, the choice of those who try to quit smoking smoothly;

6 mg / ml – nicotine in a light concentration, suitable for those who are not fond of smoking;

8 mg / ml – a high content of nicotine, an option for those who gave up smoking strong cigarettes;

12 mg / ml – very high nicotine content, calculated for those who are used to smoking a lot;