KHREE UFO Pod System Review
Pod System

KHREE UFO Pod System Review – TWO Separate Pods In One Device?

UFO pod system by KHREE:

A 2-in-1 pod vape

You’re gonna be taking a look at the KHREE UFO. I have covered a device by these guys way back it was the crazy. I Liked it a lot little pot system one of the first open pot systems. Look at the pods the pod system how it works USB Port for charging on. I showed you that right now got that out of the way. I don’t bring it back up to have a few more Babes on it and given my overall thoughts on the KHREE UFO.

UFO pod system by KHREE

Khree UFO Battery and Features

So Starting off with the basics on this KHREE UFO. Here it’s an internal battery system the internal batteries is six Hundred million power internal battery charger. You micro USB pods be a good capacity to pots refillable pod, So They aren’t prefilled with liquid. If you fill it up with whatever you would like it does come with two of those there’s One two. we’ll see that better in the close-up that each have a two mil Eva capacity resistance on the coil.

I want to say it’s about a 1.2 ohm coil again. I will update that ones. I do hear back that’s pretty much it on the specs There is an LED indicator to for check your battery life, But it’s just inhaled to be able to go ahead and have a vape.

We’re going to do on the left side pot. Here let’s do one on the right all right. Here we have the KHREE UFO Packaging. You can see black that’s the color that comes inside of this one flip. It on over not too much information on here. You can see two pods or three pods are included USB cable and then the rechargeable KHREE UFO device. Slide this box out you’ll have the KHREE Right.


  • Dimensions: 11 mm x 65 mm
  • Battery: 600 mAh
  • Pod capacity: 2 x 2 mL

UFO pod system by KHREE

Khree UFO

Here two pods inside of it already up top you have this little UFO thingy. Here with a USB cable additional pod USB cable and Quick Start Guide. I’m gonna cover all of that right now though, it also comes with these little stickers if you would like to mark which pod is which maybe you have menthol in one or fruit in the other. I am not bothered doing that at all I know I put the tobacco on the left and the fruit on the right and that’s just how, I did it but if you do want to mark them and write on or something.

Main Features

  1. Enjoy 2 flavors in 1 device with easy Pod System vaping
  2. Flexible change your flavor with a slice move within 1 second
  3. Invisible Mouthpieces on stealthy unique round body
  4. Pure taste from Organic Cotton Ni Coil
  5. Simple Draw Activated Firing.

Package Includes:

1*Rechargeable Khree UFO Device

3*Cartridges( PODs)

1*USB Cable