Kado Stealth Ultra Portable
Pod System

Kado Stealth Ultra Portable Vape System Review

The KADO Stealth I guess it’s called stealth for a reason it kind of reminds me of the Suorin Air. that thing was really flat too but this one it feels a lot more durable. it definitely has some weight to it aside from this plastic part right here and the cartridge itself.

It’s got this nice rubberized feel to it teeny tiny. you can stuff it in your pocket tiny purse very portable little device and super simple to use. all you have to do is inhale and that’s it. let’s check out this thing up alright so here is the packaging for the KADO Stealth on the side over here. it tells you which color this is this one is luxury gold and on the very back of the box.

It tells you what’s included inside so it opens, the device but underneath here you get a USB cable for charging and underneath the device. there’s this little card letting you know to wait ten minutes before using a new cartridge so the coil can saturate. I guess the warranty information is on their website and here is the manual and it is a pretty decent little manual with pictures and here is the Kado.

It’s a pretty flat little vape device this thing measures 80 millimeters by forty five by nine and a half on the side right. here is the USB port for charging and this thing has an internal 450 million power battery at the top this is what you vape out of and then on the bottom this is how you would fill it with a liquid.

So there’s this little silicon piece right, here they have to lift up like so this holes pretty small. it’s a little bit hard to fill is the glass droppers but if you have something like this you can just stick it in there and fill it up with a liquid once. it’s filled up be sure to stick this part back in and that’s pretty much. it this little thing will hold two milliliters of a liquid and you just put it back in like this and that’s pretty much it so there it is.

I think a VaporDNA also carries these so yeah definitely if you’re stuck on those smelly sticks and vaping just seems a little bit too complicated try something like this doesn’t have to be exactly this one just like a pod style system or you don’t even have to push any buttons it just inhaling and that’s it yeah that is it that completes this review.