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Is it possible to buy an electronic cigarette to a minor?

In recent years, the popularity of smoking electronic cigarettes, paper, has increased significantly. This is due to the ban on smoking in public areas, the breakdown of smokers to get rid of addiction, other reasons. In order not to push for the purchase of electronic gadgets, the fashion for vaping has spread all over the world. The question arises: how many years can we adhere to?

Law and Commerce

Veiding is the process of steam start. The gadget for such manipulations has a simple structure: a battery pack that creates energy for steam generation and an atomizer , where the liquid is located, which then turns into a club of steam. The liquid that is used to operate the electronic device contains a dose of nicotine. Experts all over the world claim that in order to understand the principle of the gadget on the human body need 15-20 years. Only long-term studies can help to identify their impact on health. Therefore, to date, the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors is prohibited.

Legislation of the Russian Federation in 2016 was supplemented with new legislative explanations. Their task is to explain how many years they sell electronic cigarettes to consumers. According to this act, restrictions are imposed on the process of simulating tabo smoking, which is wapping. Therefore, all trading units that sell electronic cigarettes to minors will be subject to an administrative fine.

The Internet store “Laboratory of Para” conducts its activity on a professional level. Our products are quality, safe, practical. The number of customers is constantly growing and replenishing. However, among them there are no persons under the age of 18. We know from how many years you can buy a wipe, as you have correctly studied the law on the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.

Our ban extends not only to the devices for wicking, but also to accessories for them. We are seriously doing business, so against the spread of products for soaring among adolescents.