IQ 3SECS review
Pod System

IQ 3SECS Review – iPhone Style Vape Pod System

IQ 3SECS Intro:

I think this mother chuck it right here it looks like some sort of Apple product right it looks like an iPhone. iPhone many iPod if there ever was a such thing as an iPhone many. I don’t think these they’re not full Mini it looks like some sort of an Apple product. But it’s not an Apple product no no no Apple did not make this it came from another company a vaild company and honestly.

I don’t know the name of that company all I know is the name of the product in the name of this mother chucker is called the IQ 3 SECS.  I mean it’s so classy it’s so clean it’s so it’s just sexy that’s look upon system on the market.

In my opinion it’s a refillable pod system holds two mills in a liquid that’s right two mills are choose for a pod system pays a good amount of Jesus got a 400 million power battery. In here that’s right that’s a good sized battery for pot system and the best thing about it is it makes great these refillable pause men. Who the fact that it’s 2 mils of juice alone is awesome but the flavor.

IQ 3SECS review

IQ 3SECS Design

I’m getting in mouth alone mode and long hid mode that’s right you can bake this thing in lung kit mode a really really really tight lung hit and in mouth alarm oh man. When you have your nicotine salts in here and kicks your throat like a truck dildos seriously though all jokes aside. I think this thing is gonna sell like hotcakes oh baby so here’s the new packaging this IQ 3 SECS refillable pod system kit comes in yeah and of course inside that packaging ladies and gentlemen.

You’re gonna receive your IQ 3 SECS you get a USB cable for charging that puppy chucker included is a 2 mil refillable pod. You get a 5 ml needle tip bottle to fill that pot included as a caution card and last but not least an IQ 3 SECS user guide alrighty. So now onto this IQ 3 SECS personally I’ve seen two different color options you could choose the white with a stainless steel trim or you could choose the black with the gold trim,  So at the top of this device as you guys can see it says IQ at the bottom.

It’s got this little digital screen which I’m gonna show you in a second and then down below. That it’s got the USB port for charging and it also has 6 pin holes and then on the back at the top. It’s got this little window in that window so you can see your juice and to be honest with you.

IQ 3SECS review


  • Plug-and-Play Ecosystem
  • Integrated 400mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 2mL Refillable Cartridge Capacity
  • 2.0ohm Atomizer Resistance
  • 0.96″ TFT Display – Puff Count / Battery Life
  • LED Light Battery Indicator
  • Voltage-Based Output
  • Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
  • MicroUSB Charging Port – Pass-Through Charging
  • Proprietary Gold-Plated Magnetic Connection

Key Features of the IQ 3SECS

  • Compatible w/ nicotine salts
  • Clear TFT display shows battery life and remaining puffs
  • Draw activated
  • Streamlined, portable design
  • Pass through charging is available


  • 1 iQ 3SECS Pod System
  • 1 5mL Refill Needle Bottle
  • 1 MicroUSB Charging Cable
  • Instructional Manual