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How to clean an atomizer

Vaporizer- is the heart of any electronic cigarette, without it and its serviceable work, steaming would not bring tens of thousands of steamers around the world so much pleasure. However, if you do not clean the atomizer for a long time, problems can occur when the electronic cigarette fumes: such enemies of a vape was a carbon are familiar to the owners of Ego CE-4, Eleaf and Evod.

Unfortunately, these and other popular electronic cigarette smokers have an atomizer – this is not only the most important, but also the most short-lived part of the device. If you do not clean the Vaporizer of the electronic cigarette, then the deposits formed on it sooner or later will cause the atomizer to burn out or fail, losing its ability to evaporate.

How to clean the atomizer?

The Internet is full of video with instructions and tips, in which steamers recommend cleaning an atomizer of an electronic cigarette after the first hover. Someone advises to buy a few parts in reserve, and after each “fume” just change the atomizer.

How to clean an atomizer

However, no matter how you are protected and tried to prevent it, remember that atomizer is a whimsical detail of an electronic cigarette, and it can serve for a very, very long time, or it may suddenly surprise the owner of an electronic cigarette after several fights, having “fired” a fume . That’s why you need to know how to clean the Vaporizer. This will help keep the atomizer in working order for long months.

How to clean an atomizer

So, when you soar, the atomizer heats up, it’s inevitable. Therefore, before you start cleaning, allow the Vaporizer to cool. When the atomizer completely cools, remove it from the electronic cigarette and into any suitable container with hot water. Let the atomizer stay there for about 15 minutes.

After that, take out the atomizer and dry it well. In particular, blow out the remaining liquid through the end of the Vaporizer , which is located on the battery side.

Another simple way to remove excess fluid is to pull out the contents of the cigarette cartridge and try to steam through the empty sleeve. In this case, the liquid will evaporate under the action of steam.

Another option is to take a piece of soft, absorbent fabric (it is important that it does not give nap!) And carefully vape the atomizer.

How to clean an atomizer

Why is it important to find a non-fluffy fabric? 

The answer is obvious – otherwise small pieces and villi of the tissue can get inside the atomizer and stay there, and later on, this will cause serious problems.

The atomizer was dried? 

Now we pour hot water into the same container again and put the atomizer back in. Do not rush, let the part stay in the water longer. Do not forget that the water will gradually cool down, so periodically you need to pour boiling water into the tank. After some time, we again take the atomizer out of the water and carry out the same actions to dry it. Drying should be very thorough. After the “water procedures” you can even leave the atomizer to lie somewhere not in a wet place for a whole day – it must dry thoroughly.

When the atomizer is dry, attach it to the battery of the electronic cigarette. Pay attention to the fact that you do not need to collect an electronic cigarette entirely, that is, you do not need to attach a cartridge back. At this stage, the cleaning process is not over yet, which means that it is impossible to fill the liquid in any case!

Now you have a battery and an atomizer. Start the process of steaming the electronic cigarette by pressing the button that is located on the battery. Hold your finger on the button for about five seconds. Spiral atomizer should be orange – it means that it warmed up Listen and you will understand that the spiral hisses. This completes the first stage of cleaning – safely disconnect the atomizer and blow it to cool it.

How to clean an atomizer

Reconnect the atomizer to the battery and turn on for three seconds. Disconnect and cool again. Carry out this procedure until the spiral becomes warmed up in a few moments (less than a second) – this means that it has cleared.

Now the atomizer is clean, and you can move on to dripping. To do this, take a bottle of liquid for electronic cigarettes and a little drip on the bridge of the Vaporizer. Four drops will suffice. Drip the liquid very slowly, because each drop should spread evenly over the bridge: each next drop can be dripped only after the previous one is distributed.

Finally, we connect the atomizer with the cartridge and try to soar. If after a few puffs you feel the taste of burning, add a couple more drops of liquid to the bridge. Try again.

The steam is thick and tasty, as before? 

Done! You have successfully cleaned the atomizer of your electronic cigarette.

The main thing in the pursuit of cleanliness is not to overdo it, because if you too long to drive an electronic cigarette for too long, you can melt the plastic ring inside the gadget, and the molten substance, being on a spiral, will complicate the process of soaring: it will be difficult to tighten.

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