How to clean a vape device
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How to clean a vape device: 5 practical tips for beginners

Electronic cigarettes need regular care. Thorough cleaning of the components will allow the device to work longer, and you enjoy a really high-quality taste of your favorite liquids. But before you start this hard work, we recommend you familiarize yourself with effective and proven methods that will certainly make life easier for you.

Use water

Do not think that it’s too easy. Many vapors, unfortunately, forget about elementary things or apply them incorrectly. The elements of your device need periodic washing under running warm or hot water. But the cold is better to give up. And even more so do not use detergents, leave them for dishes. If you want to remove the smell from previously used liquid, take vinegar. He will cope well with this task. Dilute the vinegar with water and rinse this solution with the details of the cigarette.

use water for vape device clean

Keep the ES dry

Watch for the connectors. They should not get wet. Otherwise, wait for trouble with the device. It happens that the atomizers are leaking. Overshoots are possible and while refilling the device with liquid. If you find a problem, remove the tank and dry the connectors with cotton swabs.

Clear Tissue will help

Use a special cloth to clean the electronic cigarette . To begin with, the material should be soaked for 24 hours in a special liquid. Then wipe it with a dirty place. At the end of the procedure, rinse the cigarette elements under warm water and voila – the work is done.

Saving Vodka

In this case, taste preferences do not play any role. Another important thing is that alcohol dissolves fat very well. Pour it into the atomizer, lightly blow, and from the smells or remnants of the past slime there will be no trace.

Vodka clean vape device

Always Coca-Cola

You know that with this drink you can clean even a clogged sink in the sink. In general, you will need a container in which you need to pour a cola. Put in it the details of an electronic cigarette, requiring cleaning. Close the container and leave for a day. Then rinse the parts of the device with water and that’s it. This is an excellent and effective way to clean the device of odors and give it a spectacular sheen.

 Coca-Cola clean for vape