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How to choose a Vape battery

There are many different “batteries” on the market, but which 18650 batteries are better for electronic cigarettes? The question is not simple, but we will answer it! First, it is clear that the batteries are the most important and dangerous part of the wipe, because the board is much less explosive than the batteries. That is why their choice is such an important and responsible part when choosing a device.

How to choose a battery for an electronic cigarette?

The choice of batteries consists of 4 important points, which should be taken into account. The battery must have:

  • High capacity. Depends on it autonomy or, roughly speaking, how long you will use your device without recharging. For this indicator it is possible to note LG HG2 3000 mAh.
  • High rated current. This indicator indicates the safety of the battery. The higher it is, the lower the heat, the higher the efficiency. This indicator can be noted ??
  • High voltage. Provides a high heating power of the atomizer, this affects the density of the steam .. For this indicator, it can be notedLGHB2 15 30A +.
  • Low operating temperature. Important indicator! When the battery is overheated, the battery may explode! The temperature itself affects the longevity of the battery. The lower the better.

All these parameters affect the quality and safety of soaring. The main thing is to find the golden mean.

Summing up. Which battery to choose for an electronic cigarette?

We do not advise any particular battery, for different devices it is suitable for individual types. But we will tell you the top 5 batteries for electronic cigarettes:

batteries 18650

1.LG HG2 3000Mah 20A (Chocolate)

2.Samsung 25R 2500mAh 25A (green)

3.Sony VTC4 2100mAh 30A (green)

4.LG HD2 2000mAh 30A (purple)

5.LG HB2 1500mAh 30A + (green)

All of them meet security requirements, and are suitable for a wide range of devices. We advise you to pay attention to them. And for your favorite batteries you will need charging.

What is the best charger for 18650 batteries?

Again, there is no single answer, but we can tell you a few decent options.

1. Nitecore is an inexpensive and reliable station. There are models for one, two, four batteries.

2. Efest SODA – cheap and cute.

3. EfestLucV6 – as many as six battery compartments! Perfect for projectors.