How to assemble the e-cigarette mod

How to assemble the e-cigarette mod

The market of electronic cigarettes and other devices for hovering offers a wide variety of models of devices for vape, including fashion, which can increase the density of steam or have an extended life of an atomizer’s battery of an electronic cigarette.However, the steamers are sent to the wap clubs over and over again to get fashions for mods to assemble their own box according to individual preferences. VapeRankz tells you how to make an e-cigarette yourself at home.

The design of the electronic cigarette: what you need to buy for self-manufacturing fur fashion

 assemble the e-cigarette mode

Recall that the electronic cigarette includes such parts: a battery, an atomizer (with a microchip), a cartridge and the body itself. At first glance, the design of the device seems complicated, but in fact any steamer can collect a fashion fur for an electronic cigarette from the funds at hand or purchase the necessary spare parts for a fashion in a specialized store or a wap club for fans of electronic cigarettes, and then make the home the desired device .
To do this, you need:

  •  fur fashion, or box: a good mod fur, unlike any other ego-shaped and other batteries, as well as battery packs with varivolt or varivatt functions for electronic cigarettes, does not have any electronics. Simply put, by pressing the button, the steamer closes the electric circuit and thereby supplies voltage to the connector, which allows to squeeze the maximum of the energy from the batteries that are inserted into the mod fur;
  •  dripka (with three racks): for the manufacture of an electronic cigarette at home you need a drip with three racks for installing two spirals;
  •  Battery: It is generally assumed that a good battery has a large capacity (mAh). But this is far from the case.The main thing for an electronic cigarette battery – it should be a high drain, that is to maintain high discharge currents. Therefore, for the assembly of the electronic cigarette at home, IMR batteries are suitable, as well as lithium-ion batteries that support discharge currents up to 30 A (amperes);
  •  wire kantal (or fecchral) for the spiral in the evaporator: the cantalou is a proprietary fechral produced by the same company Kanthal. To collect an electronic cigarette, you need a fechral with an average diameter of 0.3 to 0.5 mm. A wire made of nichrome does not work, as this material, unlike the cantalou, springs;
  •  non-sterile cotton wool (we will use it as a wick): when assembling an electronic cigarette, it is recommended to use ordinary cotton wheels, which can be bought in any supermarket or pharmacy. The main requirement for cotton wool is that it must be organic, simple cotton that does not contain any chemistry;
  •  ohmmeter: it is better to purchase an ohmmeter, since multimeters do not measure resistance below 1 ohm.Therefore we buy for our cigarettes an ohmmeter in the form of a box or varivolt Vamo, Zmax, varivolt on the boards DNA20 and so on;
  •  mandrel (or drill) for winding the spiral: however, an ordinary toothpick will do the same, the main thing is patience;
  •  liquid, or juss for an electronic cigarette.

Remember all!

So, when we have all of the above to build an electronic cigarette, you need to go back to the distant (or not) school days and remember the lessons of physics. To build an electronic cigarette at home you need to clearly understand Ohm’s law.At the same time, it is not necessary to be able to calculate all the necessary indicators by the formula – there are a lot of calculators on the Internet, as well as a bunch of applications for iOS and Android that can be easily found.Now that we have remembered the school curriculum, we will proceed to action. It is very easy to assemble an electronic cigarette – only patience and a few minutes of free time will be needed.

Among experienced steamers, it is widely believed that the range of comfortable vaporization of an electronic cigarette working on a single spiral lies in the region of 8-10 Watt. At higher power, there may be fumes and other malfunctions, which can eventually lead to unpleasant consequences until the device is disrupted. However, in the dribble of the electronic cigarette, which we will collect, we will have two spirals, and, accordingly, we need to get 16-20 watts from the batteries.Another important point: the resistance drops when the second spiral is installed in parallel, so for two spirals you can use a rough calculation and divide the resistance of one spiral by two. In this way, one can grasp the total resistance of two parallel spirals, and then finally measure it on an ohmmeter.And yet, why is it best to choose IMR type batteries? Such batteries have relatively high discharge currents – around 10-11 A. They are also more or less safe to stuff, which means they increase the safety of the battery and electronic cigarette in general, and also reduce the likelihood of problems and adverse consequences.Batteries with a capacity of 30 A can give even more energy. You can use them.

 assemble the e-cigarette mode

We collect the fur of the e-cigarette mod in five minutes

To assemble an electronic cigarette is simple: we fix the wiring with two screws inside the evaporator case, then connect them with the battery contacts. Attach a twisted spiral to the opposite ends of the screws.Next, we connect all the details of the mod with each other and carefully place this design in the housing of the fur fashion cigarette. An electronic cigarette is considered to be assembled correctly if air comes from the back of the evaporator when inhaled.

How will the hand-built fur of the mod

A great role in the work of an electronic cigarette collected by the steamer himself is played by the imagination: it is possible to assemble a unique fashion fur whose characteristics depend only on your imagination.Electronic hand-made cigarette works as follows. The liquid in the atomizer cigarettes can be dripped directly onto the spiral. As a result of the assembly, we got an electric circuit, the contact of which is closed. Then we inhale the resulting cigarette and enjoy our creation.

How to increase the density of steam

increase the density of steam

There are several ways for this:

  1. Come up with your own way of hovering. Increase the density of steam can be its own technique of tightening. it’s almost impossible to do something on your own – everything comes with experience. However, you must try. You can start studying in wap-clubs, such as VapeRankz, where you can not only buy everything you need to build a cigarette, but also talk with more experienced steamers. It is important to remember that if a “flood” happened in the evaporator, or vice versa, it dried up, the steam will be bad, not thick and not tasty.Practice tightening is on a working device.
  2. Add the vegetable glycerin (VG). To make the steam more and thicker, you can add to the liquid that you use in the device, vegetable glycerin – this universal means for refilling the electronic cigarette directly affects the density of steam. You can buy glycerin (remember: vegetable, fit for consumption) in a specialized store and even a regular pharmacy, drop a few drops into juss, and it’s ready: the amount of steam will grow significantly.
  3. Watch for a stable supply of liquid to the evaporator – this is the deposit of a “good” steam. As soon as the liquid in the box begins to end, its supply to the bridge of the atomizer falls, and at the same time the steam “spoils”. To prevent this from happening, you need to keep the cartridges filled. And in general, it is worthwhile to monitor the level of liquid in the cartridge at least for reasons of practicality and zeal: nobody has canceled the device care.
  4. Use evaporators with low resistance – they produce more steam, because they heat faster. At the same time, the battery discharges faster and the liquid for electronic cigarettes is consumed more quickly, and the original fragrance may be lost a little. But beauty, as is known, requires sacrifice. The most popular low-resistance evaporator today is the atomizer 510 by 1.8 ohms (remember only that the same evaporator can have different resistance for different suppliers).
  5. Get high voltage on the battery of the device. The higher the voltage, the thicker the steam. Standard batteries for electronic cigarettes work with a nominal voltage of 3.7 volts, and non-standard batteries – an average of 3 to 7 volts. However, do not forget that high voltage, again, can lead to loss of the original flavor of liquid for electronic cigarettes.
  6. Try different fluids. Different types of liquids differ in flavor, concentration of nicotine (or lack thereof) and chemical composition. All this, in turn, affects the characteristics of the vapor produced from the liquid. It is recommended to try as many different liquids as possible from different manufacturers when visiting the store – in VapeLa and this is not a problem.
  7. Get long-working batteries. Standard batteries for electronic cigarettes usually do not work very long. When assembling your own fashion fur, you are not limited to anything other than your imagination, and you can use a variety of spare parts, including larger batteries with longer life, more powerful and giving more dense and tasty couples, respectively.

More advanced steamers make cigarettes with a microchip and a cartridge. A significant difference between these types of mods is that they are identical to cigarettes bought in the store.However, you can also buy all the necessary components for an electronic cigarette in specialized stores.