How does the electronic cigarettes work?
How to

How does the electronic cigarettes work?

What do electronic cigarettes consist of?

Most devices for a wipe contain two main components: a battery and a cartridge. The heart of the device is a lithium-ion battery, which occupies most of the device and is traditionally located on its end. The battery can be disposable or rechargeable. The battery is connected to the cartridge, which, in turn, other important components of the device and ends with a mouthpiece. Inside the cartridge there is an electronic steam regulator, a heating element and an evaporation chamber, which together form an “atomizer” – a component of the device that generates steam. In the vapor turns liquid, or e juice , which is poured into the cartridge, enveloping the atomizer.

How it works

When the steamer takes a breath through the mouthpiece of the device, a special sensor detects the movement of air and sends a signal to the atomizer. Atomizer activates the heating element. The voltage is applied to the chrome, nickel, titanium or Fecal (this is an alloy of aluminum and titanium) spiral wire into which the wick impregnated with the liquid is placed. The helix heats up, and the liquid from the cartridge starts to turn into steam.

At the inhalation, the steamer gets a small dose of nicotine (much less compared to conventional cigarettes, if we are not talking about non-nicotine e juices), and on exhalation – a thick cloud of steam, full of taste and pleasure, not comparable to that of smokers . Of course, the density of steam and the variety of sensations from hovering depend on the device, its shape and its levitation . That’s why most of the steamers eventually switch to fashion and customize their devices in accordance with their preferences – the more the device is “under you”, the more fun you get from hovering.

Customization in general is one of the key elements of the subculture of steamers: everyone strives to make their device different from others or collects devices and leaves or accessories to them: coils, drips, fashion, etc.

And a little more about the cartridges …

The forms of cartridges can be very different, liquids – contain nicotine in a certain proportion or not contain it at all, e juice – be tobacco or fruit, chocolate or coffee, etc. Cartridges, like batteries, are disposable – in this case they are made by a specific model of the device, have a certain shape and are already filled with a certain liquid. There are also variants when the cartridge of the cartridge is empty, and the steamer is given the opportunity to fill the cartridge by himself with any liquid of his choice. In this case, you can experiment with the composition of e juice: choose the right ratio of glycerol and polypropylene glycerol in the liquid, add a favorite taste.

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