History of electronic cigarettes 6
electronic cigarettes

History of electronic cigarettes

As we well know, today the market of electronic cigarettes is a very big competitor for tobacco corporations. More and more people are switching to electronic cigarettes every day. For someone it’s a great way to quit smoking, and who just likes to produce tasty steam. Either way, electronic cigarettes have made a huge contribution to humanity.

The first electronic cigarettes

The one who first invented electronic cigarettes was a man named Hon Lick, whose invention shook the health society. Hon was a scientist-pharmacist, who had a father with a habit of smoking. He, and the father himself smoked two packs of cigarettes a day, which eventually led the father to a cancer disease. Khon never managed to rid his father of the bad habit that killed him, but promised to himself and the late father that he would quit smoking forever and help the others do it. Then the first electronic cigarette appeared. Initially, it was not as a way to quit smoking, it was simply believed that it was less harmful than the analogue. But subsequent studies have shown that they are excellent in the fight against nicotine addiction. It was the life situation and shocks that gave the impetus to Khon for the invention of this device,

Already by 2005, electronic cigarettes had conquered the Chinese market, and by 2008 they had moved to Russia.