Harmful effect of electronic cigarette vapor
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Harmful effect of electronic cigarette vapor

Most people who want to get rid of nicotine addiction and the harmful effects of nicotine on the body, decided to use the wapping .

Harmful effect of electronic cigarette vapor

Indeed, an electronic cigarette does less harm than tobacco. However, some liquids and flavors used in electronic cigarettes contain in their composition more harmful substances, such as acetyl and acetyl propulsion. Creamy and creamy substances are especially distinguished by the presence of such harmful substances. One of the popular companies Vaporshark, conducted research on the availability of these substances in additives branded firms that are sold online.

Research by Vaporshark

Most of the customers are grateful to Vaporshark, for the work done, which they carried out, without waiting for payment for the tests. The company laid out not a small amount for such a study. The company posted the results on its website, which are available to all. Turning to a separate page of each taste you can find out the amount of harmful substances in liquids. A high acetyl value in the liquid varies from 400 to 2000 ppm. The most elevated indicator is contained in liquids Vintage E-Liquids – The Drifter, Traditional Juice Co. On the company’s website, you can find a lot of manufacturers with indicators reaching 2000 ppm.

The Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (America) for the production of liquids and aromatics limits the diacetyl content to 25 ppm in 15 minutes, and for acetyl propionyl 31 ppm for 15 minutes. The unit of measure ppm is a millionth part of a ppm. Many brand manufacturers exceed the established rate more than 50 thousand times. The popular Mother’s Milk was beaten by results exceeding 5 times the content of acetyl propionyl liquid The Drifter.

The effect of vapors on the human body

Based on the research data, it becomes clear that harm from such fluids is inevitable. The result of prolonged inhalation of diacetyl is an incurable lung disease – bronchiolitis obliterans. The method of treatment in this case is lung transplantation. A similar action affects acetyl propionyl, since it has a similar molecular structure. Therefore, many manufacturers replace diacetyl with this substance. As a result of testing, diacetyl is not found in the liquid.

Many people use popcorn, in particular children, but no one has guessed that its composition also includes diacetyl, which is used in the manufacturing process. Manufacturers and production workers suddenly began to develop an incurable disease due to the increased content of harmful substance vapors. As a result, “submissive lungs” began to be used as a term. After a while, many companies stopped using diacetyl pairs in production. Un_kFkSn-HE

Everyone has the right to choose independently, to take these fluids or not. However, many recommend to be convinced of the composition of the fluids that are used. After all, the transition from tobacco smoke to steam, was carried out for a safer effect on the body.

It is worth noting that in our designer of his own taste, we warn about whether the flavour contains harmful substances.

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