h priv 2 smok kit

H-Priv 2 Starter Kit Review

this new series that I am going to be making, I also hope you guys enjoy the new Articles about H priv 2 kit.

I’m going to be talking about is from smart or smoke or smoke Tech or whatever you want to call them and it is the H prove – that’s right you heard me right if you haven’t heard about it yet they just released the 8 proof – you can’t really buy it yet it’s not even on pre-order yet otherwise I would already have one on the way here but I don’t and I have insanely excited about this product now.

H priv 2 clicky button

I think the design of the mod is absolutely beautiful and I think that that they couldn’t get any better now back story really quick is that my first mod ever was the H brave and I’ve owned three of them in the couple of years that I’ve been vaping because I love them that much but some problems they had with it is after a while the clicky button.

when you pushed it in it wouldn’t get insanely clicky anymore you’d really have to mash it in there so I really hope they fix that but first off I’m gonna talk about the mod itself because there’s not much I can say about it without having it in my hand.

then I’m gonna go on to the main concern which is the tank so the mod itself looks absolutely beautiful if I can put a picture up I will do that for you guys it comes in a plethora of different colors it even comes in a chrome prism which is sick looking it comes in a pink gold black and red blue which is my personal favorite because I love the color blue it comes in a normal prism or rainbow color and just a bunch of different ones and they all look insanely cool.

hexagonal design

it’s got that little hexagonal design it really looks stealthy and it really really does look like a fantastic paint job now I hope this paint job isn’t gonna be like the alien paint job and I hope it’s not gonna be very plasticky of a mod kind of like the alien I hope it’s really gonna keep the design of this mag hit right here all metal the paint is absolutely amazing.

I’ve had this thing for about about a month and a half and look at that it looks just like it did the day I bought it and I really do hope that they stick to this paint because it really does work and I hope they make it metal now I do know it is smaller than the normal one the normal age per bit is smaller than the original it does still take 2:18 650s and dust off to 200 and a third 25 watts just like kind of smocks a sweet spot there.

it really looks good it really does I don’t have any gripes about it the only thing I can really say that I hope that battery door on the body doesn’t wiggle like the original I hope some of you guys can agree the original header bad wiggle and I really felt cheap so hopefully they fixed that as well but then again I can’t say much about the mod until we get it.

H Priv 2 LED Display Software

I really do predict that it’s gonna be the same thing as the mag the majesty the pro color it’s probably the same software and it’s just going to be in a different kind of design. I don’t know there’s no LEDs on it which is a little bit different for Smok, because of the pro color the t pray of the t prayed three they all have those flashy colors on it but then again the mag kit didn’t have that and either bringing me to the color part let’s.

actually go away from the mod because the mod like I said I can’t say much about but I do have a little bit of the gripes with the tank.

H Priv 2 Tank

now I’m very happy about the tank and I’m also very disappointed about the tank in the same point so this tank is actually going to be a new tank from smack that comes with this mod kit and it is the big baby prints tank.

you heard me right it is the little guy to this so instead of hate taking 8 MLS of e-liquid it takes 5 it does come with that bubble tank and it still comes with that drip tip which is absolutely beautiful but there are some things.




H priv 2 Colors




The max output power of H-Priv 2 can up to 225W. 

You can enjoy 225W high wattage that powered by 2 x 18650 battery. Higher power output and massive clouds for you


H-Priv 2 kit is powered by two 18650 batteries in series. 
Step 1: Slide and open the battery cover as the picture shows;
Step 2: Place the batteries into the device according to the correct directions;
Step 3: Close the battery cover.


H-priv 2 provides multiple types of protections to avoid potential risks.MULTIPLE PROTECTIONS



Top rotary refill makes filling a easy thing. Leak proof slot can significantly solve leaking problem