Flavors for electronic cigarettes.
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Flavors for electronic cigarettes – Varieties

Electronic cigarettes have long beaten all ratings of popularity. Today, this gadget can be seen in the hands of men and women. Therefore, it is not surprising that manufacturers offer a wide variety of flavors for electronic cigarettes.

Variety of aromas

It is the fragrant components that make smoking a popular destination among modern consumers. Today, flavors for electronic cigarettes are available on the virtual shelves of our online store:

traditional. Imitate the taste of tobacco. They have a wide variety of proposals, resemble the taste of ordinary cigarettes, a certain brand. The full name of the brand on the product you will not find, just an easy hint in the form of a similar abbreviation;
fruit. They recall the taste of a certain natural component or their cocktail, sometimes with the addition of spices;
with a taste of alcoholic and non-alcoholic popular drinks. Incredible combinations or pure tastes may be offered;
non-standard. Imitate the tastes that are difficult to describe in a few words.

Flavors, which are used for mixing with a liquid of electronic cigarettes, can be of both natural and synthetic origin. Both variations have the right to exist in your arsenal of the vapper. Especially this approach is relevant, if you prefer to create a filler for the gadget. Artificial flavor additives do not pose a threat to the body, on the contrary they have a wide flavor variation.

Among the variety of aromatic additives for wicking it is difficult to distinguish a certain taste. The best flavors for electronic cigarettes are those that satisfy you personally for all operational parameters.