Flavors in e liquids for electronic cigarettes
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Flavors in E-liquids for electronic cigarettes

the composition of E-liquids includes natural and identical to natural flavors. In fact, flavors are extracting odors from some real organic product. It can be any object – for example, berries or fruit. Getting a natural extract is a complex and lengthy process that does not give a high-quality final flavor, since each time the products differ in quality and condition – they can be grown in different regions and under different weather conditions, and there are many other factors affecting the product. If you draw an analogy with wine, everyone at least once heard about the high cost of wine made from the Cabernet-Sauvignon grapes on the left bank of Bordeaux in 1975, when the season of torrential rains. This only indicates the inconsistency of the final product, which depends on the growing conditions of the wine material. With natural flavors a similar situation – their quality depends on the original ingredients. Unfortunately, the natural origin of the fragrance means that there are a lot of side-products in it, which are in the product and as a result, the purity of the flavor is not 100%

Everything has changed since the moment when the flavors identical to natural were invented. This phrase means literally the following: the molecular composition of these flavors is absolutely the same as if it were made from a natural product, but there are no pollutants (by-products). In other words, in the laboratory take a natural extract from the fruit, decompose into its constituents and record the composition of the flavor. Then take these components separately and mix. Thus, the artificial flavor is a cleaner and safer substance than the one that is obtained in a natural way.

In the public opinion there was an opinion that identical to natural flavors are some kind of chemistry and it is harmful, but in reality, everything is the other way around. Just natural flavors have been used for hundreds of years, and artificial only recently, only because of the level of confidence in the first higher.

In our E-liquids for electronic vaporizers Vape shuttle natural and natural flavors are used, so the e-liquids are high-quality and most fully convey the taste of those flavors that are part of the mixture.