excise tax for electronic cigarettes
electronic cigarettes

excise tax for electronic cigarettes

In early 2017, the bill on the introduction of excise tax on “electronic nicotine delivery systems” entered into force. Yes, yes, that’s what the already popular “vape” devices called. Nicotine-containing liquids also suffered taxation. So how does this affect ordinary consumers who want to continue enjoying their favorite vapors?

Excise on liquid

The most important thing to understand is that prices will rise only on liquids with nicotine, and all lovers of steam on theory can go to “zero” and soar further without hitting their pockets. As for those who like to soar liquids with nicotine, for example, people trying to quit smoking ordinary cigarettes, then there are 2 options: the first – to pay a triple for each bronchial, the second – to start buying pure nicotine, and add it to the non-nicotine fluids . The second option will definitely be more profitable financially, although still the price of getting pleasure from the boiling process will increase. In general, the prospect is not very bright, but we hope that this situation will somehow change.

As for the wakes themselves , then at the moment there is one loophole, according to the interpretation of this law, the excise on electronic cigarettes is received only by one-time vape-devices. So with this until there are no problems, but who knows what will happen next?

In general, for the time being it is available, we advise you to stock up on nicotine, well, or to switch to zeroes, as paying inadequate money, it seems to us inexpedient for liquid, Buy liquids for electronic cigarettes, and also see a wide range of mods, tanks and drips. shop Laboratory of the Couple. We always keep our customers informed of the latest events in the life of the steamers.