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How to

The electronic tube is like a new vape fashion.

Many people have long known that wicking and hovering in general are much safer than analog cigarettes, it also helps to save money. But among people who smoke tobacco, there are a large number of people who prefer tubes to ordinary cigarettes, these people will be talking about today.

Principle of operation and mechanism.

In general, the electronic tube is identical in principle to the electronic cigarette by the principle of operation, the person makes an inhaling, at this moment, the current from the battery is fed to the Vaporizer then the Vaporizer heats the liquid and Vaporizer into the lungs, but the electronic tube inherits its appearance from its analog. However, there is a reservoir with a liquid that replaces the tobacco piling process.

Also, usually, in electronic tubes there is a board that does not allow to dispose of accumulators to 0%, and also protects against short-circuit and other troubles.

Who will suit and whether to take

The electronic tube will suit fans of analog tubes, they retain the form factor, design, by the way, many electronic tubes are stylized as a tree, which adds even more naturalness and charm. Also, as mentioned before, the electronic tube includes all the positive qualities of an electronic cigarette, which is definitely the determining factor for switching to devices with evaporators. But also do not forget about the harm of nicotine and the dependence on this substance.