Difference Between Electronic cigarettes and vape
electronic cigarettes

Difference Between Electronic cigarettes and vape

Weaving fascinated consumers in many countries, including Russia. Wishing to let out aromatic clubs of the steam becomes more and more. However, each newcomer, who replenishes the ranks of the vapors, has a reasonable question: “Is there a difference between an electronic cigarette and a wipe?”. To understand what is best to buy, an electronic cigarette or a paper, you need to get an answer to this question.


Electronic cigarette is a device visually identical to a traditional cigarette. The design consists of a battery, a spiral, a wick. The wick, impregnated with a liquid, heats up, forms steam, thereby simulating the process of smoking. More of the similarity with a regular cigarette is added by a red light bulb located at the end of the device. The power of the device is small, so a lot of steam will not work.

• An electronic cigarette of a disposable type looks a little like an ordinary cigarette. The functional of the device is based on the atomizer, which has a piece of interposition, impregnated with a fragrant liquid . At the moment when the liquid completely evaporates, the cigarettes will fail.

Vejp is an electronic device that gives you the opportunity not so much to smoke as to soar, thus experiencing great pleasure. A powerful battery, allows you to enjoy the steam for a long time. Modern electronics makes it possible to regulate the amount of steam, the force of delivery, the taste return. With the upgrading of the device, the gadget’s working elements became difficult to fit in a device the size of an electronic cigarette, so the wapes acquired volume dimensions.

In the shops of electronic cigarettes with the abbreviation “electronic cigarette” will be understood as a simple electronic device, and wipe. Every consumer should understand for himself why he buys this or that device. It is a gift that will give you a lot of air-steam clubs, an excellent taste, a true pleasure from hovering.

Therefore, if you want to soar and enjoy, you should buy a wipe. A professional wipe shop that sells the right product will help make the most successful purchase.