E cigarette spitting liquid
How to

E cigarette spitting liquid? – What if the E cigarette spitting liquid?

When hovering, many Vaper is faced with such a problem that unexpectedly the electronic cigarette spitting liquid. If you still do not understand what are the main mistakes that cause this problem, then we will help you cope with them.

The main attention should be paid to the filling process. Very often beginners at refueling do not regret liquid, and abundantly water spirals with cotton. In such cases, the liquid at the glowing of coils begins to boil, spray in different directions. This, perhaps, is one of the most important mistakes.

If the first method of solving the problem did not help, then try to adjust the temperature of heating the spirals. Perhaps you just need to reduce the number of Watts. This can help if you have a battery pack with a screen and temperature control.

In the event that liquid enters the mouthpiece, it is necessary to immediately stop the evaporation process and check its evaporator to detect errors.

Perhaps these are the main solutions to the problem that will help you comfortably soar electronic cigarettes. We, in turn, wish you a pleasant soaring, and that you never encounter the hovering in which the electronic cigarette splashes liquid!