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Diacetyl in liquids for electronic cigarettes

Many smokers with the experience for a long time have refused traditional cigarettes in favor of electronic gadgets, owing to the fact that the use of the last bears health less damage. That’s what many wagers thought. But everything changed after the research, which Vaporshark company made public about the liquids favorite by many steamers with sweet creamy-creamy taste. The results were disconcerting.

Some flavors and liquids contain in their composition two very harmful substances – diacetyl, acetyl propionyl. For research, the company took liquids from the range of its online store, and this is a large number of different tastes of different manufacturers. Detect diacetyl in liquids for electronic cigarettes were able to sell all tastes, all manufacturers.

Diacetyl: what is it?

Diacetyl itself is not an artificial substance. It is found in many natural products. For a person, the steam of diacetyl is harmful, which is what happens to the vamps that inhale the aromatic liquid that mimics the taste of whipped cream and other sweetish flavors.

For the first time, the danger of diacetyl was mentioned in the American popcorn factory. Then several people fell ill with a dangerous disease – obliterating bronchiolitis. He developed from the excessive inhalation of diacetyl vapors. It was this substance used to flavor popcorn. Hence the name of the disease “popcorn disease”. After an agiotage around diacetyl, many companies stopped using it in the production of the product.

The American Institute of Occupational Safety found that a safe vapor rate of 25 billionths for diacetyl, 31 billion for acetyl propionyl for 15 minutes. Based on the research conducted, Vaporshark, for example, states that in the liquidity of The Drifter brand Vintage E-Liquids limit exceeds 60 thousand times.