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Cloud Chasing- what is it?

If you have already assessed the benefits of vaping, have long switched to this option of smoking, then you probably heard about Cloud Chasing. Perhaps you even tried to create such thick clubs of steam, which brag about smokers of electronic cigarettes with experience? If you still can not create such miracles with your device, it does not matter. Having understood the principle of creating a dense couple, you, too, will be able to let out adorable white clouds.

Cloud-building is a way to create a huge amount of dense steam. Many modern veyperov is the process of blowing steam most attracts in the moment of smoking. After all, clustering is the most enchanting manifestation of waking.

Electronic gadgets in America are common since 2007, so it’s no wonder that there have long been held competitions for blowing out large steam clubs. Of course, such an occupation is not for beginners, since it requires certain knowledge. It is important to understand the principle of the electronic gadget device, its functionality, features.

What is needed for clauses?

You can become a skilled claucheiser every vaper. The main thing is to acquire a quality device. To your gadget allows you to blow out the luxurious clubs of a couple he should have:

• Powerful battery;

• large air vent holes;

• liquid based on natural glycerin;

• high-quality mode;

• A drip suitable for claudging;

• RDA atomizer ;

• cotton wick material;

• high-quality winding type from 18 to 28 mm;

• Correct winding of spirals.

Having supplied your gadget with all components, having competently processed the functionality of the device, it is important to work out the technique of inhaling / exhaling steam. Since it also affects the volume and density of the exhaled vapor. Only after carrying out all the preparatory manipulations, you can descend directly to the process of creating clubs of white steam.