Choosing the Right One For You Pod Systems
Pod System

Choosing the Right One For You Pod Systems

in this Article, we’re going to talk all about mouth to lung vaping and in particular pod systems. I wanted to talk about today, we’re gonna be talking about four different pod systems.

 these pod systems are kind of a part of what I consider to be like the second wave of pod systems. the first wave being things like the juul. the juul was the the first things like the juul.

things like the bow things, like the my jet,  things like the fix. I feel like those were all the first wave of pod systems and while a lot of them were really great in the juul. still has stood the test of time really well this the second wave of pod systems.

I feel like is a lot better overall a little bit higher quality the pods. themselves are even a little bit better there you know less leaky now. they don’t get gurgle. they don’t get weird on you like some of those old pod systems kinda used to do from time to time these by far aren’t perfect but they are the latest and you know newest pod systems out on the market.

so what we’re gonna be talking about today is the kilo 1k pod system. we’ve got the IQ level here as well we got that bird from Space Jam and then finally. we have the myle pod system. so I wasn’t a 100% sure, how I wanted to do this. I know I wanted to talk about all of these together and I kind of want to talk about them individually.

but I’d like to compare them together as well they also don’t think there’s gonna be much of a need for any sort of like close eat. I’m in this one there’s honestly not a whole hell of a lot to see pod systems. all kind of operate on the same premise and that is you’ve got a battery a rechargeable battery and then you have a closed refilled pod that you put into the battery and then you vape it. like you would smoke a cigarette its mouth to lung.

they’re generally real high Nick and it is a lot like smoking a cigarette in fact I would recommend a pod system to a cigarette smoker a lot quicker. than I would recommend something like a mod even like a single 18650 mod even with like a tank or something. on there I feel like the system is a little bit more accessible. it’s a little less fiddly and there’s not much to it there’s not a lot involved in it.

it’s really simple really straightforward like okay here’s your pod. here’s your battery putting together now you’ve a there’s no like okay, well first you have to prime your coil head and then you have to plug your coil head into the base then you put the tank together. then you open the top fill of the tank and then you fill up your tank.

then you charge up your batteries and you set your wattage the hobbyists side of vaping. while it makes a lot of sense to hobbyist vapors to a smoker on the outside. it kind of just looks very very confusing and that’s why I’m a big fan of these pod systems because they’re really approachable and easy to use just right away so what I’m gonna do is I’m just kind of kind of vape through these.