Choose the first device for the vape

Choose the first device for the vape

Today, the Internet is full of ads from electronic cigarette shops, and for an inexperienced beginner who decided to switch to cigarettes without nicotine, the world of vapers may seem complicated: special liquids for refueling electronic cigarettes are juices, mehmodas and boxing fashion, and numerous accessories.

How to choose your first device

First, let’s repeat what are the main components of an electronic cigarette, or a device for a vape . First, it is a battery – a source of energy. Secondly, the evaporator, or atomizer, is the main part of the device, which turns the liquid into vapor. Finally, a cartridge with a liquid for refilling electronic cigarettes. The main components of any liquid are nicotine (if available), glycerin, polypropylene glycerol and distilled water. Flavors can be added to them. Liquids containing nicotine, in turn, are subdivided into super-light, light, ordinary, strong and very strong.

How to choose your first device

How to calculate the strength of a solution

Experts note that the pleasure from electronic cigarettes and the saturation with nicotine is more dependent on the manner, frequency, and voltage of the battery of the device than on what liquid strength the viper chooses. That is why at the first stage the fortress in most cases is selected based on the vampire’s own experience – for example, taking into account the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

The taste and color

As for the taste, everything is individual here. Today, manufacturers offer the widest assortment of flavors and flavors, and all over Russia there are new stores and even specialized vape clubs where you can try and then buy your favorite e juice. One of these places was the recently opened Vape Lab – a place where you can find like-minded people, have a great time and get advice from these professionals of the wake culture.

Specialists note that the tobacco tastes are chosen by those who want to switch to electronic cigarettes from conventional ones. Hookah lovers prefer fruit refills, and coffee, chocolate and other exotic tastes often buy as an experiment. If desired, you can experiment and mix different options.

To choose a good liquid for electronic cigarettes, you need to take into account a few simple rules. If you are not allergic to propylene glycol, it is better to buy a solution with the mark “traditional” or “normal”.

e juice Flavor

Which device is better?

Despite the fact that it is allowed to soar everywhere today, and often the device is sold in many shops along with ordinary cigarettes, it is better to try and buy your first vape in a specialized store or even a vape club, for example VapeRankz. Here you can get advice from professionals or service your device, as well as drink coffee in a pleasant atmosphere, try new e juice and if you want to purchase them. In other words, not only to relax and have fun, but also to join the vape culture