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How to choose a liquid for wax

Many steamers begin to get acquainted with the world of wype because of the variety of jusses represented in it (from English juice – juice, concentrate, liquid) – soaring becomes for them not only a comfortable and convenient way to quit smoking, but also a real pleasure.

Today on thematic online sites and online stores selling electronic cigarettes and accessories, hundreds of different jusses are offered – from classic time-tested giants of the market to the rush of DIY varieties from self-made producers-enthusiasts of the wap culture. How to choose a liquid for a wapist for a beginner?

So, to understand the types of liquids for a wipe, first you need to know what their composition is. The main components of any liquid are:

– glycerol;

Propylene glycol;

– distilled water.

Also in some jussas there is nicotine and flavors. Despite the fact that this composition is identical to virtually any liquid, not all jusses are equal to each other. For example, not all steamers know that much in the taste of the waxy depends on the ratio of glycerol and propylene glycol.

Glycerin is responsible for the density of steam, and is also the optimal basis for jussa for those steamers who experience an allergic reaction to propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is responsible for trothit (from English throat hit – a burning sensation and tingling sensation in the throat during hovering). Also, propylene glycol less “pollutes” the taste of juss, that is, in the liquid based on it, the immediate taste of jussa is felt better. However, the propylene glycol base gives less steam, so the presence and ratio of glycerol and propylene glycol in the liquid (50/50, 60/40, 80/20, etc.) is the individual choice of the steamer depending on what he wants to get in this moment.

To begin with, we at VapeLab advise you to decide on two main parameters: the strength of the liquid and its taste. As for the first, then everything is simple, liquids for wipe devices vary in strength. For example, there are liquids with a high nicotine content (up to 18 mg / ml or more), there is generally no such, but there are several intermediate values: super-light (1 to 9 mg / ml), light (10 to 16 mg / ml) Strong (from 17 to 18 mg / ml). In general, the convenience of the wipe is that the liquid for it can be made on its own, mixing several jusses or preparing a solution that will contain the amount of nicotine that is comfortable for the steamer personally. At first, the fortress in most cases is selected based on the viper’s own experience – for example, taking into account the number of cigarettes smoked per day and the concentration of nicotine in them.

If we talk about the taste of liquids for the paper, then they are usually divided into two large groups: tobacco and fruit. In addition to the fact that tobacco flavors have different strengths, they also often imitate the taste of cigarettes of famous brands such as Marlboro, Dunhill, Kent, Winston, Chesterfield, Pall Mall, Parliament, Virginia Slims and others. To simulate the use of tobacco flavors, they are quite a lot, their taste is familiar, despite the fact that jusses are not at all similar to the originals, and the same liquids without nicotine in general will be much weaker. That is why experienced steamers recommend buying several bottles of juss tobacco flavor, but with different concentrations of nicotine. and in practice to pick and feel what combination is suitable and brings real pleasure from soaring. With fruit flavors much easier and more understandable – by default they resemble the aroma of various fruits, berries, floral and herbal bouquets, etc. Here everything depends on the producer’s imagination, and the choice depends on the taste of the steamer.

Also among the universal tips for choosing a liquid for a wipe:

– try “on size bigger”: for example, if you smoked cigarettes super-light, in jusses you need to choose light if cigarettes are light, then “ordinary” juss, etc .;

– buy liquid only from a trusted manufacturer who passed all the necessary tests and tests and received certification and which is loved and trusted by steamers and professionals.

In addition to the above classification, jusses are selected depending on the desired effect. So, if you want a thick steam, then, as already noted above, it is worth paying attention to liquids based on glycerin; powerful trothite – look at propylene glycol bases with a tobacco flavor and relatively high strength.

We in VapeLab recommend buying jussas in our wap-club, because, unlike most online stores and various online sites, you can consult with the pros, try the liquids you liked on the spot and, buying them, that this is exactly what you were looking for. Well and still, VapeLab is an opportunity to have a rest, join a wipe culture, drink coffee in a pleasant atmosphere and find real like-minded people.