tasteful vape drip
How to

Choose a tasteful vape drip

Factors for choosing the best flavoring vape drip

Sooner or later, a vapor will want diversity, a sense of completeness and brightness of taste and aroma without tiring cigarette puffs. To help come a taste of vape drip, or an atomizer without a tank for an electronic cigarette, allowing you to get a thick saturated steam.

The range of atomizers is quite wide. The main difference is in the features of the design, from which one can distinguish several basic facts by which each vaper can choose the best flavoring vape drip:

 Bottom or side airflow. As practice shows, atomizers with lower blowing provide a richer taste and aroma of steam. However, paying for this advantage are frequent leakages of liquid for smoking.

• A small volume of the evaporation chamber. Top flavored drip, recognized by the vapers as the most “delicious”, have a very small volume of the chamber, and therefore require frequent addition of liquid.

• Number and quality of spiral turns. The more, the better, however, too much can play a cruel joke. For the relative standard, we can take the following proportion: 5 turns for 20-22 mm of the length of the atomizer, as in Petri.

• Smooth, smooth spherical blowing, provided by the spherical processing of the dome, that is, without faces, or when the “ladder” effect is smoothed out as much as possible. Understand which option before the vapes, you can look into the topknot.

• Another factor that influences the taste of the 2017 flavor, however, is its design and the availability of accessories. It has already been repeatedly noted that the brevity and, at first glance, the limited set-up is a sign of the bright “taste” of the drip, and the 810th drip-type, or mouthpiece, is better than the 510th.

However, the ideal vape drip – everyone has their own, but because the experiments are welcome.