VBRVAPE Fin Starter Kit box
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VBRVAPE Fin Starter Kit Review

VBRVAPE Fin Starter Kit Intro The company VBRVAPE on our portal differed only once. The most attentive for sure noted the familiar outlines in the profile of this device. You are absolutely right, like we already had the honor to observe – Perl Vape Perl Starter Kit , however, the design and presentation of the […]

JUSTFOG C601 Starter Kit
Pod System

JUSTFOG C601 Starter Kit Review – JUSTFOG C601 POD KIT

JUSTFOG C601 Starter Kit Intro JUSTFOG C601 is a portable pod style vaping device for starters. It has a built-in 650mAh battery and a refillable cartridge. It is best for high nic juice and nic salt. Descriptions:  Attracted to this little device? The Justfog C601 Starter Kit is here to surprise you! It comes with […]

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JUUL Starter Kit Review – Smoking Alternative Juul Device

JUUL Starter Kit Intro Today I’m Going to Review the Juul. Show You How to Set It up Giving My First Impressions and Then Try out the Virginia Tobacco Flavor. This Is What the Juul Looks like up Close. I Just Finished the Battery on This Because It’s a Rechargeable Unit. You Can Recharge It […]

Suorin Vagon Starter Kit 430mAh
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Suorin Vagon Ultra Portable Starter Kit Review

The vagin is the newest closed-loop system from Suorin. It features a slim curved body of 430 mAH internal battery. It comes in five different color options and it has a 2 milliliter refillable cartridge on top. So let’s take a closer look so this is the box right here, Packaging nothing much just else to […]