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10 Tips For Beginners That Will Make You Vape Like A Pro!

Vaping, when introduced was considered as an alternative to smoking. People assumed and felt that it was of no use and instead of a modern form of smoking. But with time and research vaping was considered as the most effective alternative to smoking and people felt that it was beneficial for people who were looking […]

Resa Stick review
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Resa Stick Review – The Pen Style SMOK

Guys Today Review about Resa Stick by SMOK PEN Style Cloud Hunter, Resa Stick is a newly designed pen style kit with built-in battery capacity of 2000mAh. THE PEN STYLE CLOUD HUNTER THE KIT INCLUDES SPECIFICATIONS 2000mAh BATTERY CAPACITY Resa Stick Kit adopts built-in 2000mAh battery which is powerful and durable;  what’s more, it brings you massive […]

goodbye to tobacco forever
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An introduction to electronic cigarettes and saying goodbye to tobacco forever

You don’t need to have any kind of medical training to understand that cigarettes are bad for you. From the cocktail of toxic chemicals that take hold of your body to the impact on your wallet (and your social life), smoking just isn’t the ‘cool’ past time it was once touted as decades ago. Still, […]

Vaping during pregnancy Effects
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Vaping during pregnancy Effects: yes or no?

This topic is sure to be of interest not only to girls, but also to young people who are worried about the health of their wives and girlfriends. Among the representatives of the beautiful half of mankind there are a lot of vape lovers, as well as smokers who think about replacing conventional cigarettes with electronic […]