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Care for an e-cigarette: tips and recommendations of vaper

Regular care for the vape makes it possible to enjoy a delicious steam and is able to extend the life of the device.

To begin with, a lot depends on how you operate an electronic cigarette. If you actively, often and for a long time are dragged out by the ferry, it by default tells on its heating. Cigarette simply will not have time to cool down and overheat. Experienced swimmers advise to adhere to a smooth pace. Rapid tightening can damage the Vaporizer.

vape, how to care

Wash the atomizer at least once a month. For this, alcohol is perfect. Pay attention to small holes that let in air. Use to clean the needle.

Add liquid in time

Do not wait until your filler is finished. Keep track of its level and top up the new fluid in a timely manner, otherwise you risk getting a problem in the form of burning.

Replacement of the vaporizer

If you want high-quality soaring, do not forget to change the details of the electronic cigarette in time. If used intensively, replace it twice per month. Less active vamps can afford to replace the Vaporizer once every 30 days.

And in the end a few words about voltage. In the Vejp, you can usually set the desired parameters. The intensity of the evaporation of the liquid depends on the strength of the voltage. That is, you get a lot of steam. But, unfortunately, not every atomizer can work at high speed. To extend the life of the device, select the appropriate values for the device directly for it.