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Can you fail a drug test because of vaping?

Vaping is a very hot topic these days. In fact, it creates a lot of debates, when it comes down to public health. Millions of people vape all over the world, and many of these no longer smoke cigarettes. Fact is, it’s a growing trend.

However, because vaping is so popular right now, and still growing in popularity, there is one important question that people ask, “Will vaping CBD oil make me fail a drug test?” This is because most people want to and are using cannabidiol for their own health and well-being. And yet they can’t afford to fail a drug test.

CBD and drug test

It is important to notice that drug tests do not test for CBD, they only test for THC. CBD and THC are both types of cannabinoids that are found in cannabis. Yet, they act differently in our body. The biggest difference between them is that CBD is legal substance, that doesn’t have the psychoactive properties of THC, which is illegal. It is possible that traces of THC are present in CBD hemp oil products, but its concentration would be very low. When it is so low, it is almost impossible for someone to experience a ‘high’ or some kind of euphoric effects from vaping CBD oil, like they would when using marijuana.

Any drug test has cutoff level, which is the minimum concentration of substance required to report the result of test as positive. The cutoff level makes the presence of very low amount of THC in the system permissible. So, if your urine tests below the cutoff limit, results will show as negative even though there could be some THC present.

Keep it legal

The level of THC in all CBD products legally sold in the USA does not exceed 0.3%, some even being lower, like 0.1%.  Such a tiny amount of THC is almost undetectable. Most people use CBD oil in ways that they only take from 1 to 40 milligrams CBD daily. With these low amounts, a person would pass the drug test for sure. But, if someone takes extremely high amounts of CBD on a daily basis, for example over 1000 milligrams per day, then yes, it might be possible that they could fail the drug test. In fact, however, no one vapes so much.

Play it safe

If you are going to have a drug test, it is recommended to check the level of THC in your CBD oil. Vape only products that have 0.3% THC or less. If you are not sure, just stop vaping one week before the test, drink plenty of water, and you will pass it with flying colors.

So, the answer to “Can you fail a drug test because of vaping?” is ‘no’. Vaping won’t cause positive result in a drug test. But you need to ensure though that the manufacturer of the CBD oil you use is credible and transparent, vouching for product’s potency and safety.

Stay calm and vape – it’s safe!